Lush Christmas Range 2015

Lush Christmas range collection products 2015

Christmas is fast approaching and so are the Christmas treats. My favourites are certainly the ones from Lush, because they are calorie-free. And after the presentation of their new range yesterday morning, I'm definitely in the mood for Christmas now (think cinnamon smell, Christmas songs and crafting cute polar bears).
So what is new this year and what do you need to get your hands on if you're a Lush and Christmas lover like me?

Lush Christmas 2015 bath bombs

Bath Bombs

After some hot months we're slowly going back to an intense relationship with our bathtub. And let me tell you: This year's bathing experience will be extra sparkly and extra sweet. As for the new bath bombs we have the Star Dust (with vanilla, bergamot and rosewood) which leaves colourful little stars all over your bathwater. And for the sweeties among you, Lush has the Yog Nog, with a caramelized yet spicy note thanks to cloves, ylang-ylang and shea butter. Apart from the new ones you won't be missing old favourites such as the Butterbear or the Dashing Santa (which I reviewed here last year). 

lush christmas 2015 bath products

Bubble Bars

Even more exciting news are coming in the bubble bar range this year. The Magic Of Christmas has got to be my absolute favourite here. A magic wand filled with almond and cinnamon goodness and a load full of glitter - How could I resist?! And those who like even more glitter should go for the Five Gold Rings, whose smell is really sweet and flowery (and inside they look like gingerbread). If you have dry skin the Peeping Santa will be your thing as it comes with shea and cocoa butter.

lush christmas 2015 santa products pink glitter

Face and Body

We all know Lush is amazing when it comes to baths, but there are some other novelties that are worth a mention, too. First of all the shower jelly Santa's Belly which smells of rose and apple juice and contains little stars. Then we also have some new glitter for our body with the Fairy Dust that smells of vanilla. And in case you want to give Santa a kiss instead of a cookie you should try the Santa Baby lip tint. It's a bright Christmasy-red and the texture is quite firm but therefor really covering. So hurry down the chimney tonight...

In case this wasn't enough Christmas goodness yet: You can see all new Lush products for the holidays season here, plus some cute Halloween products here

(Disclaimer: The products in this post have kindly been sponsored by Lush Luxembourg.)


  1. What an amazing morning it was! Definitely in the Christmassy mood as well. :)


  2. Oh goodness, I LOVEEEE Lush!!

  3. i love lush products...they are a perfect christmas gift

  4. I am still wait to try all the products! So far the lip tint is my favorite one!


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