L'Occitane "Melting Honey" Limited Edition & Home Collection

L'Occitane Melting Honey limited edition home collection

The South of France and especially the Provence have always inspired me. There is something quite peaceful about the old buildings, the lavender fields and the food markets. So how could I not like the products of L'Occitane, the brand that has managed to pack the whole Provence into well-smelling and effective beauty products?

I was thus over the moon when I got some press samples from two of L'Occitane's new collections. The first novelty are the "Melting Honey" limited edition products of which I got the "Exfoliating Sugars", "Ultra Soft Cream" and hand cream. Besides honey from the Provence, the products also contain 5% of shea butter. That makes the hand cream a bit more greasy than what you might be used from other editions. The smell is really calming and sweet but not too intense, just like you would expect.

L'Occitane melting honey limited edition

price list: Exfoliating Sugars scrub - 21€, Ultra Soft Cream - 19€, Hand Cream - 7,5€

L'Occitane pamper session melting honey range candles

The second and surely also most exciting novelty in the L'Occitane range is the Home Collection. Besides from soaps and hand lotions, this collection also features different room scents and 6 candles (3 in aluminium containers and 3 in glass containers).
I got the "Rameaux d'Hiver" candle and the "Mas des Lavandes" candle and I don't think there could have been a better choice for me. The first one smells of pines and winter and Christmas. I think the description on the container explains it best: "Imagine the fragrant atmosphere of a cozy moment by the fireside after a brisk walk through a pine forest in Provence." Seriously guys, this is the candle for any Christmas and candle lover out there.
The second candle comes in a pretty glass container and has the iconic lavender smell but without being too overpowering. Here the description says: "Imagine the fragrant atmosphere of a relaxing break in the shade of a Provencal farmhouse, surrounded by fields of lavender."

l'occitane home collection candles

L'Occitane Home Collection Rameaux d'Hiver candle Mas des Lavandes

price list: Rameaux d'Hiver candle - 17€, Mas des Lavandes candle - 21€

(Disclaimer: The products in this post have kindly been provided by UPR.)


  1. Nice photos :)
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    Maria V.

  2. I'm obsessed with L'occitane products, both new collections sound lovely!
    Can't wait til they hit the stores, such pretty packaging too


  3. I am a bit obsessed with home candles.. I definitely need to try those!


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