Beauty Empties September & October

beauty empties review L'occitane agrume verveines fresh shampoo

LES COSMÉTIQUES DESIGN PARIS "Nectar of Nature" Shaving Gel

Even though this brand is exclusively sold in Carrefour supermarkets, it seems pretty interesting to me. I must admit that I tried the shaving gel solely because of the cute packaging, but the product itself managed to convince me as well. It has a really natural smell and is gentle to my skin, too. 

FA "Caribbean Lemon" Deodorant

Lately I had some kind of a deodorant emergency so I quickly grabbed this one at a local drugstore. The smell is really fresh and the deodorant also kept me fresh, but it burns as hell on shaved skin.

L'OCCITANE "Verveine Agrumes" Fresh Shampoo

Fresh is definitely the right word to describe this shampoo, too. It has a citrusy but also slightly spicy smell and I even felt a tingling on my scalp when using it. At some point the scent started being too strong for me and even reminded me of cough drops. However this shampoo managed to get my hair tangibly clean and visibly shiny. 

MARIA GALLAND Self-Tanning For Face And Body

This self-tanning lotion is definitely my beauty discovery of the summer. It tanned my skin really well and naturally and didn't smell nasty at all. Of course the sample size didn't get me really far, so I'm considering buying this tanning lotion in full size next summer. 


I already raved about this deep conditioner in a post about my shower essentials and I've loved it till the end. The smell reminded me of shaving gel for men or men's aftershave, but that didn't make the use unpleasant at all. I used this deep conditioner once a week and it got my hair really soft! Also it is surprisingly economical as the bottle only contained 100ml and I've been using it for months!

The last two products reviewed here were inside the "Pochette de Janette" subscription boxes and I have many more beauty products from these that need to be reviewed. So if I had to make one beauty suggestion this month, I would either advise you to subscribe to the "Pochette de Janette" (here) or alternatively try the L'Occitane shampoo. What was your favourite beauty product this month? Any awesome discoveries I need to know about? 


  1. OMG all I can focus on is that burn you mention re shaving and deodorant! I haven't shaved in many years but I remember that burn well. Not with FA, though I think I tried their deodorant once in Europe (also as an emergency lol).


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