7 Things I'm Currently Loving


Not long ago I was contacted by this brand that allows you to create your own case for a phone or tablet. I knew I wanted to try the service when I saw that they also have customizable clear cases because they can be super pretty with the right design. For my golden iPhone 6 case design I chose this cute illustration by Inslee Haynes and centered it in a way that the Apple logo would be covered. I got my case only few days later and the print was indeed well arranged and of a high quality.

SENSEO Café Latte Speculoos

I'm not much of a coffee drinker but I've been really tired lately so I started drinking coffee in order not to fall asleep at university. How good my mother just bought a Senseo coffee machine and I discovered these yummy speculoos coffee tabs. Nothing better to get in the right mood for Christmas! 

VAGABOND "Daisy" boots

Having a pair of black booties seems like pretty crucial to me when you're wearing lots of black, grey and blue like I do. However it took me years to finally buy myself a pair. Seriously guys I can't remember the last time I bought black booties, nor even boots (and I've been thinking about it for the last couple of days)! So why did it take me so long to finally buy this essential staple? Well I used to think, and still think, that every shoe model looks prettier in brown, or even blue, or purple, or beige, or grey... Because on black shoes you can't really see the different textures or details such as decorative seams. To me they are just a bunch of black. So that's why I finally figured out that I should probably rather look for boots that have a nice shape, instead of cute little details on them. So I decided on these Vagabond boots because of their slightly square-shaped toecap. Right now I don't even know how I survived without black boots... (If you're still searching, too you might love my selection of nine similarly gorgeous pairs or find the very same boots here!)

MANGO turtnleck sweater

Since I saw an outfit combination with a grey turtleneck and a white vest on a picture earlier this autumn, I knew I had to get a grey turtleneck myself this year. In the end I found this overly soft and pretty version at Mango, which you could already see me wearing here

SISLEY Phyto-Lip Twist #2 "Baby"

I'm far from being as much of a lipstick addict as I would like to be. I know a vivid lipstick looks awesome in outfit pictures but to me it's always too much hassle to watch my lips and paint over them regularly. So I love less pigmented alternatives like this Sisley stick in baby pink. 

AGUADE double-pearl earrings

When I was in Barcelona last month I didn't do much shopping, but my jewellery hunt was quite successful! I had discovered this great store called Aguade and I could have bought about anything there. In the end I went for these cute double-pearl earrings that give the special something to about any outfit. 

L'OCCITANE "Rameaux d'Hiver" candle

I already reviewed this candle in my L'Occitane news post, but I just had to include it here again. Definitely my favourite candle in a long time and it's also burning as I'm writing this post.

Oh and while we're talking about what I'm doing while writing this post: I'm currently listening to Adele's new song over and over again! Have you heard it yet? And what are your current autumn favourites? 

(Disclaimer: The iPhone case in this post has been sponsored by GoCustomized.)


  1. I love the phone case, its really cute :) the sisley lippie is a pretty shade too. xxx

  2. I will have to check out that company for the phone cases I am always looking for something different

    1. Yes, they have great options for creative people :)

  3. I love to write and to read this kind of posts! The Iphone case is gorgeous, and the first pic in general is perfect! ;) Okay, everything you showed here looks great :)Simply Magnifique


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