Unboxing the Pochette de Janette "Back to School" Edition

la pochette de janette spéciale rentrée september 2015 luxembourg

I don't think I need to introduce the Pochette de Janette anymore, right? If you don't know it yet you can simply check out my previous posts here. For this month the girls at Janette Magazine came up with a special "back to school" edition. Let's discover it together, shall we?

chatty feet diva socks

These socks got me pretty excited as I'm probably the last person on earth still wearing fancy socks with kittens and flowers and other stuff on them. 

I was delighted to discover a Luxembourgish designer in this bag, namely Anne-Marie Herckes who does cute fashion inspired brooches and jewellery.

Bioderma micellar water travel size

BIODERMA L'Eau Micellaire Sensibio H2O
My favourite product from this edition has got to be the travel size micellar water, especially as I've always wanted to try the Bioderma one.

SIOOU temporary tattoos
I was a bit disappointed by the temporary tattoos because I know that Sioou does some really pretty ones but these were really not my cup of tea. 

You may be wondering what the heck this is - well at least I was... It is a tool to help you shape your brows but I couldn't figure out how to use it until I've checked the description online. Turned out it is supposed to help you find those spots where the shape of your brows should start according to the shape of your face. Well, the good old pencil or makeup brush will do the trick as well.

cattier le kit anti-age

CATTIER Anti-Aging Travel Kit - Cattier
The clay mask looks really intriguing and I'm probably gonna give it a try really soon.

Besides the shown and mentioned products, the pochette also contained a bandana for kids and an entrance ticket to a local swimming pool / spa. As it is a "back to school" edition I maybe would have wished for some school inspired items like pencils, cute erasers, a small notepad or something alike. Apart from that I think that this month's pochette is pretty nice as always and I highly recommend you to give it a try. Head this way for subscriptions and more information.

(Disclaimer: This pochette has kindly been sponsored by Janette Magazine.)


  1. Oh my god those socks are amazing!! xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

  2. You are so fast to review :)) I got mine today and was trying to figure out what the heck is that pink brow buddy :))) but I am excited about the Cattier kit and of course bioderma is the best, I always use this little bottle for travelling.


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