Things that Make me Look Forward to Fall

When it starts getting dark and rainy in fall, we all need things to cheer us up. As every year I'm really looking forward to fall, for the reasons I will list in this post, but this year I'm feeling terribly tired and unmotivated to even leave the house. At those points I need to remind myself that this cold season is not so bad after all, and that I've survived it many times before. Here is my list of things that help me get through fall, what are yours?

1. Lighting scented candles - I know I could do this all year round but let's be honest, it's way cosier when it's cold outside, right? 
2. Staying in bed to watch series - In summer I feel bad whenever I stay inside even though the weather is good, so I barely watch any TV. Now it's time to catch up with my favourite series again. At the moment one of them is definitely Mr. Selfridge!
3. Sunrises in the early morning fog - Sunrises in summer are already great, but when the light shines through the fog on a crisp fall day they're even better. 
4. Time to read books - In summer the only books I read are trivial romantic novels which I take to the beach. Fall is the time for "real" books that make you think about the world and yourself. 

5. Fall fashion trends - I am pretty much behind with my fall/winter shopping this year, but there are definitely enough trends to be looking forward to. 
6. Chai and Matcha Latte - I didn't even notice how much I missed Matcha Latte until I wrote this! Gonna get myself a cup as soon as possible...
7. My birthday in November - There are so many people who don't like their birthday but I love it! My boyfriend always makes a whole birth-weekend out of it and treats my like a little princess.
8. Berry coloured nail polish - I never get really tanned and my skin turns pale again as soon as the first leaves fall from the trees. A nice berry shade looks good with all skin tones, thus also on my pale hands. 

9. Delicious dishes with seasonal fruit and veggies - I already started off last weekend with apple pancakes but there are so many more seasonal recipes that I wanna give a try this season. Next on my list: This healthy Apple Pie Chia Smoothie!
10. Pamper time and long baths - Taking a bath during summer might be a bit awkward but fall is definitely my pamper time.
11. The Lush Halloween and Christmas range - Pamper time also means time for Lush bath bombs and the Halloween and Christmas range products are just too cute to resist!
12. Tea, tea and more tea - I love tea and during the colder months I drink at least two cups a day. I can't wait to (re)discover the seasonal varieties (like the orange-cinnamon tea I loved so much last winter!)

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  1. Du hast ja so recht :)!
    Ich mag den Herbst sehr, einfach weil es kälter wird und damit auch viel angenehmer in der Betonlandschaft hier :D


  2. definitely agree! autumn is my fav season!


  3. Although I'm a summer kid I'm really forward to autumn. I actually can't wait till the leaves are turning yellow and brown! :)

  4. Autumn is definitely my favourite season, this post makes me so excited for brisk mornings and cosy nights in!


  5. Ich muss ja ehrlich zugeben, dass ich den Sommer immer nur sehr wehmütig gehen lasse. Wenn es dann aber so schön sonnig ist wie im Moment, dann kann ich mich auch langsam mit dem Herbst anfreunden und freue mich auch auf alle die schönen Sachen während der kühleren Jahreszeit. Vor allem kann man auch mal wieder mit gutem Gewissen in die kuschligen Ugss schlüpfen und morgens ganz lange im Bett liegen bleiben.

    Liebe Grüße, Victoria


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