Lux Fashion Week Runway Show

It's fashion month so editors, bloggers and fashionistas will be traveling from NY to London to Milan to Paris. However in order to see exceptional fashion and an amazing show, I didn't have to travel anywhere far this month. In fact it just took me a 50 minute care ride to get to Arlon where the first Lux Fashion Week debuted yesterday evening with a huge runway show.
Arlon lies in the Belgian Province de Luxembourg, thus the name Lux Fashion Week. And even though the designers aren't from my homeland, I felt a strange proud to see their designs in such a professional setting. The exceptional and really diverse creations of nine Belgian designers were to be seen on the catwalk, each on different models and with a different kind of show.
Still hours after the event I am amazed by how professional and breathtaking the runway show was. Even though the shows made you feel like you were sitting at a show of London, New York or Paris Fashion Week, there were a few things that made the whole event much more charming and democratic. Democratic in so far that everybody had the chance to see the show by just signing up early enough and in so far that the models were as diverse as could be. From young models, to elderly ladies, from really thin girls to plus size models, from women to men, from African to European: The diversity of the models made you feel like the shown clothes were actually designed for everybody and not just an elite of people. A few minor breakdowns, like the fact that it started raining on the catwalk because the roof of the old building was leak, made the Lux Fashion show all the more charming and human.
Oh and talking about the building... The show was held in an old industrial building with old trains standing alongside the catwalk. I don't think there could have been a better setting for this kind of event and I'm sure that some Fashion Week pros would love to have a location like this for their shows.


Anne Deprez, designer behind the brand Digamési, is known for her custom-made wedding dresses, but she also showed a range of colourful gowns inspired by long past times. 


Sandrine Dauchot creates wedding dresses and evening gowns as well, however with a visibly more modern approach. I particularly like her black neckholder jumpsuit with the open front.


For her label Vinciane Collginon creates modern dresses in mostly black and navy. They come with a sheer detail that reveals sometimes more, sometimes less of a woman's body. 


Sophie Debrouwer was definitely my favourite designer from the Lux Fashion Week. She worked with a lot of modern fall trends like capes, culottes or sleeveless coats. There was at least one piece that I would wear myself in every look and I am a huge fan of the colour combinations she chose. Furthermore the designs, but especially the runway show reminded me of the Tommy Hilfiger commercials, which always show a whole stylish family together on winter holidays. Also here on the catwalk you had models of every generation, from the grandma with her dog to the young couple. Surely a label to watch!


Manon Peuteman is the designer behind this young and really sporty label that would surely be successful on New York Fashion Week. Not only did the designer come up with sports inspired outfits, but she also designed skirts that can be worn in two ways. The style of her garments was really modern but at the same time wearable for businesswomen and sporty school girls alike. 


The Lux Fashion Week wouldn't have been as democratic without a talented male designer. Robin Huberty's designs are not only ultra modern and stylish, but yet again wearable for everyday life. I really liked that he considered every detail of the boys wardrobe, down to the super stylish bag with the wooden handle. 


Marie Schweisthal's design are elegant with a certain portion of rock'n'roll. Besides the feminine designs, she also had a strong accessory game going on - with acrylic glass bags and jewellery. 


Kathleen Guerisse doesn't seem to be a woman of understatement. From American prom balls to Versailles masquerade balls - she could surely design it all. I also admired the perfect job her makeup artists had done, especially to be seen in the last picture! 


The show of Deborah Courtoy is just one example of how diverse the shows were and how well they matched the designs. She was one of the designers who chose to have a talented dancer open the runway. And doesn't this amazing wedding jumpsuit make you rethink your wedding gown plans?

Even though I tried my best to describe the show with words and pictures, this event was just so magical that I could never give you a perfect impression of it. In order to get an idea of the music and atmosphere, you can have a look at my snaps (username "clothesncamera") until tonight around 9pm CET.
When it comes to the Lux Fashion Week, there will be many more events throughout the week, like conferences, pop up stores or workshops. The whole program can be found on their website


  1. Merci fir deen flotten Abléck an d'Moudewelt aus der Regioun. Mir gefällt et och gutt, dass op dësem Défilé nët nëmmen "Spaghetti"girls déi schéin Kreatiounen weisen, mee richteg :-) Fraen.

  2. How exciting. I have never been to a fashion show. My fave is the first black lace dress, so dreamy :) xx

  3. Beautiful clothes :)
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    Maria V.

  4. What a great fashion show! Thanks for these amazing pictures, I enjoyed reading you!


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