Fashion Made in Luxembourg: Redwood by G II

Luxembourg designer redwood ha Dang

September is the month of fashion, even here in Luxembourg! Great things will be awaiting us this month, among them the store opening of a Luxembourgish designer, a fashion week with local designers in Arlon and of course more posts from my Fashion Made in Luxembourg project.

In this post we're still talking about the designer Ha Dang, who is the creative mind behind Redwood by G. Before we go over to letting her talk in a little interview, I wanted to say a few words about this dress and the pictures we took in it. Besides the pink skirt I wore for my first post about Redwood, this dress is really typical for Ha Dangs style, with the large, oriental print and the playful details like the sheer shoulder part or the belt, which she loves a lot herself. As such a dress doesn't need a lot of accessories, I decided to stick to some bold black heels and a vintage necklace to draw the attention to the sheer detail of the dress.

If you already had a glimpse at the pictures you surely noticed that they are a little different from my usual photography style. That is because they have been taken at a photography meeting called Influence LX, a project by a young women living in Luxembourg. If I should happen to attend the next meeting as well, I will take some behind the scenes pictures and tell you more about it in case you're interested.
But now let's come back to Ha Dang and hear what she has to say about her label, her creations and herself. 

Luxembourg designer redwood ha Dang

Clothes and Camera: Tell us a bit about yourself.
Ha Dang: I am Ha Dang, 27, Vietnamese. I came to live in Luxembourg in 2013. I studied Italian language, Communication & Advertisement, and Fashion Design.

C&C: If you had one wish for your future, what would it be?
Ha Dang: Happiness.

Luxembourg designer redwood ha Dang

C&C: When and why did you decide that you want to become a designer?
Ha Dang: I grew up in a family of artists with my father being an animation film maker and my mother a sculptor. That's why I always wanted to work with creativity. During college I worked part time as a model, that was my first contact to the fashion world. Having the chance to work with many fashion designers really motivated me to decide to become one. In 2013, after studying fashion in Hanoi, I started my first project with some friends, launching our first collection at the Vietnam fashion week. When I came to Luxembourg, I established Redwood. 

Luxembourg designer redwood ha Dang

C&C: Describe your creations for Redwood.
Ha Dang: Simplicity, feminine with a twist of oriental-occidental touch.

C&C: The label is called Redwood by G but who or what is "G"?
Ha Dang: I have a nickname Gandah, it's the inverse of Ha Dang, and I use 'G' as my signature.

Luxembourg designer redwood ha Dang

C&C: Where does your inspiration come from?
Ha Dang: My daily life and its connection with my origin. I like watching people, looking at the architecture and learning how the different eras evolve in their changing in style.

C&C: What are the Redwood fall/winter trends gonna look like?
Ha Dang: My source of inspiration is oriental, and I will follow that.

Luxembourg designer redwood ha Dang

C&C: Which other brand do you like to wear or which other designers do you admire?
Ha Dang: Among many, I really like Rei Kawakubo. I admire her creativity, her boldness and the way she surprise the fashion industry.

C&C:What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of being a designer in Luxembourg?
Ha Dang: Advantage: It's a new market for independent fashion designers. There's still not much competition. We've got a lot of supports from the Ministry of Culture, the Chambre de Commerce and associations... Disadvantage: The market is still too new and small. 

Luxembourg designer redwood ha Dang

C&C: How important is it to you to produce fair and sustainable clothes?
Ha Dang: I work with a small atelier in Hanoi, where I personally know all the people who are taking care of my products. Making sure that my clothes are being produced under a fair process is very important to me. I believe that every product brings along the spirit of the people who made it.
I also control the materials that I use, trying to make my product more eco friendly, using more nature fibre and protein (silk), it is how fashion should be.

Luxembourg designer redwood ha Dang

pictures by Grégory Mébille (also find him on Facebook)

dress - REDWOOD BY G, shoes - PRIMADONNA, necklace - vintage

Shop Redwood by writing an email to redwood.vn@gmail.com for details and requests.


  1. It's so cool to see you in a different style, but I have to admit that I really enjoyed it!
    The dress is really beautiful! It looks like there are plenty of great creators in Lu.

  2. Wow, d'Schung sen super beim Rack! :)
    Cool Fotoen och <3

  3. Really nice dress and this location is great :)


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    Alles ♥
    von SellysSecrets || Instagram

    1. Hehe die gehören meiner Schwester und sind mir eigentlich zwei Nummern zu klein. Dennoch passten meine Füße ganz gut rein. Falls du sie also nicht mehr in deiner Größe findest, ruhig nach ein bis zwei Nummern kleiner Ausschau halten ;)

  5. This dress is way too cool, and this entire post is just awesome! Love this look and the pics!

  6. I really love the dress and the shoes! I would wear it immediately! Do you know if they have a catalog with models and prices online?


    1. The only pictures from the summer collection that I could find online are these: http://www.redwood-by-g.com/post/117513144077/chula-redwood-in-halong
      Maybe if you contact the designer via email she can send you a lookbook though :)

  7. These shots are incredible (no offence to the bf who takes your other shots!) and so is the dress. I love the print, little japanese umbrellas right!?


  8. What an inspirational interview
    And such a gorgeous outfit! The print on that dress is stunning


  9. You look amazing, this dress is perfect and I LOVE your shoes !


  10. I think it's always such a treat to read these interviews you have with designers! Loved the piece, it's so stylish and flattering and the heels and necklaces are great touches!

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