10 Trends to Shop Now to be in Style this Fall

Fall Autumn Trend style guide 2015

If there is one thing that makes me excited about fall then it's the fall/winter trends. Spring/summer fashion has sometimes disappointed me, but never my beloved autumnal trends. And the good news this year was definitely that most of the summer trends rather looked like fall trends, which is why we'll simply keep on wearing them during the colder months.

Pussy-Bow Blouse

Who would have thought that pussy-bow blouses could become one of the major trends this season? I've been having one for ages but I was really sick and tired of their upright look - until I thought about wearing them with flared jeans and a felt hat. You can also wear yours with ripped or boyfriend jeans for a contrasting, edgy look. (Picture: Promod)

A-Line Button Down Skirt

One of the many summer trends that will also be seen in fall/winter is the A-line skirt, which is great for our bank account. If you haven't bought your button down skirt yet, you best opt for a brown or red suede version. (Picture: Asos)

Flared Pants

Flared pants will be a game changer this winter as they will replace the boring skinny jeans and spice up every outfit with a 70s vibe. When buying yours make sure it's (almost) too long as you'll mostly wear it with heeled ankle boots anyway. (Picture: H&M)

Long Blazer Vest

Lovers of the simplistic style have already been wearing long blazer vests in black, white or grey during summer. They looked absolutely fab with a mini dress and Birkenstocks. In winter they will spice up your beloved turtleneck-jeans combo! When buying one always opt for the longest version you can find, as it will look most fashionable. (Picture: Forever 21)

Mary Janes

Mary Janes have something really innocent about them but this season's models go from cute to femme fatale as you get them in all heel heights. What makes a shoe a Mary Jane is the single strap that ideally lays over the foot, not the leg. (Picture: Asos)

Bucket Bag

The bag of the year comes in many autumnal colours like navy, dark red, black or grey. And as it is available from XS to XL you'll surely find the right one for your needs. (Picture: Tom Tailor)


We've already been loving (or hating) them in summer, and they will still be in debate during the colder months. Fall should be the perfect time to try leather imitation culottes! Wear them with a blouse-jumper combination and ankle boots. (Picture: Asos)

Suede Ankle Boots

The ankle boots of this season have a stacked heel, they are higher so they cover the ankle entirely, and their toecap is slightly square. Ideally they are made of (fake) suede. Bonus points if you can find patchwork ones! (Picture: Free People)

Rust and Terracotta Colours

Red is a must for each fall/winter season, both when it comes to fashion and beauty. Funnily enough there is always a new shade of red that makes the hype. From bordeaux over to oxblood we've had all the dark red shades and now we're going more in the orange/brown direction with rust and terracotta colours. Best to be combined with white or nude colours. (Picture: Topshop)

Sleeveless Turtleneck Jumpers

I admit this trend only looks good on petite girls who have worked on their arms all summer long. If you can wear them however, these sleeveless turtlenecks are perfect to spice up your office attire! (Picture: Asos)


  1. love each trend ! sadly I have to save my money now :(

  2. Gott mein "Wunschliste" wird länger und länger
    vor allem die erste Collage gefällt mir

    alles Liebe deine AMELY ROSE

  3. Used to have 100% of this stuff in my wardrobe 10 years ago.. I feel old!


  4. Mir gehts gerade wie Amely Rose...meine Wunschliste wird gerade länger und länger und länger...

    Liebst, Colli

  5. Awesome selection!
    Have a nice end of the week!
    Angela Donava


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