Outfit: #FlarePlay

flared pants 70s off-the-shoulder outfit

Do you already know the online fashion community We Are The Models? It's like Lookbook.nu but smaller and in French. What I like about the community is that they accept and value different body shapes and that they organize nice outfit challenges regularly. One of them consisted in styling these push up flared pants by the brand Balsamik. So already in August I got my pair or flares and had to style them in the best way possible. I obviously went for a 70s inspired look, adding an off-the-shoulder top and beige boots. Now, two months later, I can finally show you the result as the project goes live.


Fashion Days Luxembourg + Win Your Entrance Tickets!

Fashion Days Luxembourg entrance tickets

Due to my "Fashion Made in Luxembourg" project you already know how important local fashion is to me and it has also become a huge part of this blog. Not only am I regularly introducing designers living in Luxembourg, but I also try my best to cover local fashion events and keep you informed about fashion store openings in Luxembourg. Therefor you can surely imagine how happy I was to find out about the first Fashion Days Luxembourg, taking place this October.


Outfit: Tartan Dress, my Fall Classic

You know this problem that girls always feel they have nothing to wear? Some say it's because in fact we have got too much stuff but I say it's also because we get tired too easily of what we loved when we bought it. That's why everybody will recommend you to invest in classics because you will never get tired of something that never goes out of style.


Patchwork Madness at Asos

I know there was a big discussion around flared pants, but if three years ago somebody would have asked me to wear something "patchwork" I would probably have said no as well. However I think that especially the denim versions are really wearable and also super easy to combine. This gorgeous patchwork dress is already in my shopping cart, I just have to hit "order". I'm thinking about pairing it with a grey turtleneck and grey overknee boots (if I happen to ever find the perfect pair for me). Which piece do you like best? In case you don't like this trend you can find 10 more in this post.


Things that Make me Look Forward to Fall

When it starts getting dark and rainy in fall, we all need things to cheer us up. As every year I'm really looking forward to fall, for the reasons I will list in this post, but this year I'm feeling terribly tired and unmotivated to even leave the house. At those points I need to remind myself that this cold season is not so bad after all, and that I've survived it many times before. Here is my list of things that help me get through fall, what are yours?


Outfit: Pussy Bow Blouse Meets Midi Skirt

pussy bow blouse midi skirt fall outfit

Only last week I told you that these bow blouses are a bit too upright for my taste and then I go ahead and wear mine with a midi skirt and tassel booties to end up looking like a schoolgirl. But don't blame it on my weak character, I think it's fall that makes me so undecided. I mean how else could I explain that I chose this natural setting for these pictures while usually I want neutral backgrounds in the middle of a city?


Lux Fashion Week Runway Show

It's fashion month so editors, bloggers and fashionistas will be traveling from NY to London to Milan to Paris. However in order to see exceptional fashion and an amazing show, I didn't have to travel anywhere far this month. In fact it just took me a 50 minute care ride to get to Arlon where the first Lux Fashion Week debuted yesterday evening with a huge runway show.


Unboxing the Pochette de Janette "Back to School" Edition

la pochette de janette spéciale rentrée september 2015 luxembourg

I don't think I need to introduce the Pochette de Janette anymore, right? If you don't know it yet you can simply check out my previous posts here. For this month the girls at Janette Magazine came up with a special "back to school" edition. Let's discover it together, shall we?


10 Trends to Shop Now to be in Style this Fall

Fall Autumn Trend style guide 2015

If there is one thing that makes me excited about fall then it's the fall/winter trends. Spring/summer fashion has sometimes disappointed me, but never my beloved autumnal trends. And the good news this year was definitely that most of the summer trends rather looked like fall trends, which is why we'll simply keep on wearing them during the colder months.


Manic(ure) Monday: A Berry Autumnal Nail Polish

Kiko 517 Dark Antique Pink nail lacquer swatches

Before a new season kicks off in my closet, it becomes visible on my nails. So even though I haven't got a proper coat or solid boots for fall yet, at least I have this very berry nail polish shade that made it onto my nails today. It's number 317 (Dark Antique Pink) from Kiko's standard nail lacquer range and I bought it along with the number 510 (Mauve Gray). Besides these two I will also be wearing lots of grey, brown and wine-red during fall. How about you? Have you discovered some favourites for the season, yet?


Barcelona Day 4&5 and Attractions Guide

Barcelona Sightseeing Guide

Everybody has a different time to say goodbye to one season and welcome the next one. This last Barcelona post will be my goodbye to summer as I have planned many posts around fall trends, fashion and beauty. If however you aren't ready for fall yet or already want to plan a getaway for next summer, you should now watch out and admire the beauty of Barcelona.


Back to School Stationery to Cheer up this Year

cute back to school stationery must haves 2015

I don't think I've ever been that unmotivated to go "back to school" as this year. It will be my last semester spent at university so in fact I should be happy or nostalgic but my class schedule is so shitty that I first thought the director of studies is making fun of us. Luckily it's only three months, only three months, only three months (gonna say that as my daily mantra during the semester).


Barcelona Day 3 and Shopping Guide

Our third day in Barcelona started off really rainy, which was anything but ideal as we had planned to go to the beach in the afternoon. In the morning however I wanted to discover the shopping mall Maremagnum, which lays at the port, right next to an aquarium. As it was still raining when we left the mall, we also visited the aquarium, which unfortunately I can't recommend. Though the good thing about it was, that the sun was shining when we left, and so we could head over to the beach.


Fashion Made in Luxembourg: Redwood by G II

Luxembourg designer redwood ha Dang

September is the month of fashion, even here in Luxembourg! Great things will be awaiting us this month, among them the store opening of a Luxembourgish designer, a fashion week with local designers in Arlon and of course more posts from my Fashion Made in Luxembourg project.


Barcelona Day 1&2 and Food Guide

Barcelona Food Guide

Except from our trip to Disneyland, there was no vacation planned for this summer. However I always have this urge to see the beach at least once a year and so I knew I wouldn't be able to make it through winter without a little getaway to a sunny place. Barcelona seemed like the ideal last minute destination as it unites beach and culture.


Outfit: Off-the-Shoulder in Barcelona

outfit barcelona off-the-shoulder blouse palazzo pants

September has always been one of my favourite months and it couldn't have started in a better way this year. While August was busy in a bad way, September will be busy in a really good way. I started the month in Barcelona with my boyfriend and already now I have a schedule full of amazing events and projects planned. September is also the month of going back to school, and this will be my last semester at universtiy!

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