Tried and Tested: Meder Beauty Science

meder beauty science review

Today we're writing a new chapter in my endless story about finding beauty products that will finally give me the skin I've always dreamt of. God knows I've tried a lot of stuff and recently I came across yet another brand. It's called Meder Beauty Science, comes from Switzerland and the products are made according to the latest biotechnological innovations. Curious?
So the retailer for Meder Beauty in Luxembourg was kind enough to offer me a whole box of products to try out. I've used the cleanser, creams, scrub and masks for two weeks and I'm now gonna review them product by product.

Gel Net-Apax

The product with this spacy name is a cleansing gel for sensitive skin. It contains yogurt powder and goat milk to calm and moisturize the skin. I think this moisturizing aspect is pretty interesting because cleansers that are too aggressive usually aren't really beneficial for the skin. I found it a bit weird that the cleanser rather feels like a cream, even after removing it, but I enjoyed how gentle it was to my skin.

Serum Nrj-Soin

The serum is the second step on the Meder face care routine and it was a bit odd for me to go without a toner, but the serum felt really fresh, too. It is quite liquid and gel-liked and absorbs in no time.

Cream Belpharo-Night

This is the eye cream which I used day and night. It comes in a 30ml jar so I will probably not be emptying it in the next 2 years, but I don't even want to empty it because this is seriously the best eye cream I ever had! It is a transparent gel and I can only imagine how good it must feel when you store it in the fridge. What it did to my skin however was amazing! You know that usually the skin around your eyes looks darker than the rest of your face or at least a little bluish? With this product I had the feeling that the area around my eyes got brighter and brighter, making me look much more awake, even without concealer!

Cream Equa-Derm

The last step on my daily routine was the face cream, which has a really pleasant texture and doesn't feel like a film on your skin. You only need a little quantity to moisturize your whole skin.

Mask Enzy-Peel

Apart from my daily routine essentials, I also got a scrub and two different face masks. The scrub has to be used in the shower, before applying the masks. First you apply it to your skin and leave it on for a while, then you rub it for a few minutes. It works a bit like a chemical peeling but without the irritation and it left my skin palpably soft for three days.

Mask Eu-Seb & Mask Hydra-Fill

The Meder face masks are in fact sheet masks, which I found really pleasant to use. Not only do they have loops to fix the mask to your ears, but they are even extended to the chin/neck area. Using them won't make a mess at all and as they have eye, nose and mouth holes they don't keep you from doing your usual stuff.
The Eu-Seb mask is for breakout prone skin, while the Hydra-Fill one is smoothing small wrinkels and repairing sun-damaged skin. 


When using so many products it is of course hard to say which one had what effect, but I can nevertheless tell you about the general results I felt on my skin: The area around my eyes had brightened up, making me look less tired. My skin looked much better and especially my blackheads, whiteheads and pores had minimized. My skin was breakout-free for almost two weeks and I felt more comfortable without makeup. Lastly my skin also felt way softer thanks to the scrub.
Pretty good results after only two weeks, don't you think?

meder beauty science review

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  1. the eye cream sounds fab, I don't have that in my skincare regime so maybe i should invest in something like this! xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

  2. I have to say I really love the design of these. There's something quirky and cool about them. I wouldn't mind trying the cleanser.



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