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Bloglovin shop popular clothes

Bloglovin' has always been my favourite tool to follow other bloggers. Some people check Pinterest for inspiration, I check Bloglovin'. And the page is constantly being developed so that following your favourite blogs gets even more fun and easy, for example it recommends you new blogs to follow, that are similar to the ones you already love.

The other day when I was looking for a bit of inspiration, aka when I opened Bloglovin', I saw that they got another pretty amazing tool: The Bloglovin' shop. Now you may think that this is not so amazing after all because nowadays you can shop stuff pretty much everywhere, BUT the Bloglovin' shop obviously only features items that are popular among bloggers which means you have all the latest trends, be it clothes, shoes or accessories, in one place. Talking about off-the-shoulder, button-up skirts, fringe or even the pointed lace-up flats. So we likey? Shop it all here.

Bloglovin shop popular clothes


  1. I sometimes use both bloglovin and blogger to open other blogs, but sometimes I just focus on answering comments. I must admit that I have missed this new feature on bloglovin, thanks for sharing.


  2. I check all my updates on Bloglovin! I really love it!

    PS Mango new collection for winter is just spectacular!


  3. I was sceptical about the Bloglovin shop at first as well, but when I actually opened it, I was surprised as indeed they did a really great job!


  4. I definitely don't give Bloglovin' enough credit, I don't use it close to as much as I should be. I didn't even know about this new feature but it sounds awesome, I'll definitely have to take a closer look at that!



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