How to Transition the 70s Trend into Fall

H&M 70s autumn advertorial

A-line skirts, denim dresses, suede jackets - The 70s trend was so popular this summer, that it was pretty clear that we would also take it over into fall and winter. After all a decade is not season-bound, right? If however you live in a country where fall means rain and cold, and winter means snow and freezing cold, you won't have the possibility to keep on wearing the trend just like you did in summer. However as you can see in the recent H&M advertorial, the trend can easily be made fit for fall. All you need can be found in the collages below.

Dresses with overknee boots

Oh good old overknee boots, we will also be loving you this fall as you will enable us to wear these denim and crazy print dresses all year round! Add a stylish hat and a suede jacket that matches your boots, and you'll be ready for the falling leaves.

Patchwork and fake fur

Even though you didn't see it much in summer, patchwork and crazy prints are also elements of the 70s style. During the colder months you can rock pretty print blouses and patchwork jeans with some fake fur for the ultimate vintage statement.

Suede, suede and more suede

Especially during fall, suede will be a huge part of the 70s trend. Wear it as a dress, on your boots, or as a jacket with your A-line skirt. But please do your wallet and the animals a favour and opt for fake suede.

Flared pants and denim

And obviously the best way to go 70s during fall/winter is with flared pants in all colours! Go all in by pairing them with a turtleneck and a nonchalant coat plus some square heel boots. Or go denim all over by pairing your blue jeans with a denim shirt!

(Editorial pictures by H&M)


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    Oh that's a depressing post, I don't want summer to ends :P
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