5 After Work Beauty Essentials

after work beauty essentials

After work events are really popular here in Luxembourg and also as a blogger you're mostly being invited somewhere on weekday evenings rather than on a weekend. If you work until 5pm or maybe even 6pm you don't always have the time to go home before such an event but of course you want to arrive there as fresh as possible. Especially in summer this can get really though because it's hot, hot, hot in most office rooms. That's why today I'm sharing some essentials that help me refresh after a long day at university or work.

1. Oil control papers

One of the clearest indicators that I have a long day behind me, is always my shiny, oily skin. I recently discovered these amazing Tatcha beauty papers. What they do is remove all excess oil without blurring your makeup, leaving your complexion "petal fresh". These ones are powder free but you also get some with powder to mattify your skin even more.

2. Rouge

If you aren't able to take your whole makeup bag to work, a little rouge will do the trick. It makes you look fresher and is usually the first part of your makeup that disappears over the day. If you choose a cream rouge you can even use it as lipstick!

3. Bold lipgloss

We all know that the best switch from day to night makeup is a bold lip colour. For summer I prefer to take lipstick as it won't melt if I forget it in my car. If you aren't skillful at applying bright colours, don't forget to take some cotton sticks to correct possible slips.

4. Deodorant

This one is pretty obvious, isn't it? Did you know that antiperspirants work best when applied in the evening before going to bed?

5. Strong perfume

Sometimes it isn't easy to choose the right outfit, especially when you have to find something that is office friendly and all dressed up at the same time. What really helps me when I feel underdressed or under-accessorized is a strong perfume to make me feel comfortable.

And in case you feel like you're melting after a long day at the office: Just hold your wrists under ice cold water in the restroom for an instant cooling off!

What do you carry in your office bag to look fresh in no time after work?


  1. Great list - I would also add if you bring a nice lipstick, you can forgo the rouge even because it can double as blush! I also like keeping a bottle of nail polish around, just in case my nails need a touch up. :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Right, I really never think about bringing nail polish!

  2. Sehr schöne Essentials zeigst du da

    Liebe Grüße
    Melanie von Glitter & Glamour

  3. I love afterworks, so this post is definitely for me! I don't have big oily skin problems, so instead of the paper I tend to take some BB cream (I love the Estee Lauder one during summer) and some blush. I would also add some dry shampoo for bad hair days and normally I tend to change my shoes, switching from flat to heels, for going out.

    Great post indeed!

    1. You're right, later on I also thought about the dry shampoo ;)

  4. Great points Carmen!
    I always try to carry with me the oil control papers as I do have an oily skin which just gets even worse in summers! In case you have forgot them, toilet paper can do the trick as well!


    1. True, before I had such oil control papers I always used toilet paper or hand drying paper ;)


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