10 Nail Polish Favourites

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Does anybody else feel overwhelmed by the multitude of cosmetic brands selling this sheer endless range of different nail polish shades? I certainly do and I'm pretty glad that by now figured out some favourite brands I can rely on, both when it comes to quality and trendy colours.

Favourite Brands

For nail polish, I think that every price above 5€ is just ridiculous and unnecessary so you won't find any Dior or OPI nail varnish in my collection. The only brand I splurge on from time to time is Essie, but I already figured out that you can find a dupe for almost every shade and that these limited collections with fancy names aren't always worth the hype either. My all time favourite from Essie has got to be the shade Blanc, which is a plain white.
For cheaper nail polishes with equally good quality I love the p2 range, which is super covering. My favourite so far has got to be the lilac shade Sweet Darling.
Whenever I'm in a country that sells Kiko you'll be sure to find me in their store, looking for new shades. As you can see above, most of my favourites are from this Italian brand (and I have even more!). My most used ones are probably Electric Blue and Light Dove.
Finally there are two brands which I only discovered quite recently. For one the Monop nail polish, which I have in this classy bright red Rouge. And then also the brand Elissance which I introduced in a manicure post two weeks ago. As I said the texture is amazing as it dries in no time and the shade Smokey is my current top 1 favourite.

Favourite Shades

Funnily enough I have never been one of these red nail girls. Only last year I started wearing more and more red and orangy tones (but I still stay away from pink!). When I have to choose between red and orange it will always be orange though so I have one really bright, almost neon orange nail polish (Kiko's Bright Orange) and a more pastel one (Essie's Tart Deco). If I wear red then mostly a bordeaux shade during the colder months. The perfect one has got to be Bourjois' Rouge Obscur. Also during fall/winter I like to wear some brown from time to time and last winter I've been loving Kiko's Pearly Chocolate Noir (What a name!).
During summer on the other hand, I like to wear a lot of blue and white - or whatever matches my sandals. How about you?


  1. Gorgeous selection of polishes, they will be great for summer :)

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. I really like the p2 nailpolishes as well and the fact that they're cruelty free just adds to their awesomeness :)


  3. Love Kiko!

  4. I highly suggest trying out Barry M nail polish too! I'm pretty sure it's a UK brand but you can find them on ASOS. The prices are really cheap and in my experience they last a lot longer than some of my OPI's. I especially like their gel effect nail polish :)

    1. Yup, I have some from Barry M and they are indeed great! I almost always buy a new shade when I'm in London ;)


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