Beauty Empties August

8x4 Modern Charme Orange Blossom Jasmine Rose 24h deodorant

The 8x4 range has some really nice scents and this one was really pleasant, too. The deodorant is free of aluminium salts but therefor it made me cough really badly whenever I used it. Not a good sign at all so I probably won't repurchase it.


What my newspaper internship taught me about blogging

journalism blog tips

During the last four weeks I was diving into the serious world of "real" journalism. And let me tell you one thing: Being objective and on the point can be hard after years of story-telling and raving in the most subjective way about clothes and beauty products over here. But I did it and even managed to leave a fairly good impression. One step closer to finding a job: check! However even if newspapers can't be compared to blogs, there are some things that my internship made me realize about the whole world of online reporting, that can also be beneficial for my blog. And for yours as I'm sharing my new wisdom with you:


Introducing Tatcha - The Geisha inspired Beauty Routine

Tatcha Ritual Discovery Kit Geisha Beauty

I've been fascinated by the work of Geishas since I've read Arthur Golden's "Memoirs of a Geisha" years ago. Geishas, but also Asian women in general, are known for their flawless skin, so the idea of bringing their beauty rituals to bathrooms all over the world, can only be intriguing. That's exactly what Tatcha does.


Outfit: Miss Fancy Pants

Even though summer is almost over, I was in need of some new pants for my upcoming trip to Barcelona. As it wouldn't make much sense to buy tons of shorts at this time of the year, I decided to go for culottes and anything similar. While strolling through H&M I found these amazing striped palazzo pants which I couldn't resist wearing immediately though. They're from the conscious collection, which makes them even more awesome.


Outfit: Light Colours & Birkenstocks

outfit luxembourg city light colours birkenstock gizeh

As I live quite far away from Luxembourg city, I get easily annoyed by having to drive there so often. However due to my internship I hadn't been in the city for weeks, and I was really looking forward to going there again this Saturday for our monthly blogger meeting. It was nice to catch up with the girls and especially with my friend Emilie, who had been in LA for two weeks.


How to Transition the 70s Trend into Fall

H&M 70s autumn advertorial

A-line skirts, denim dresses, suede jackets - The 70s trend was so popular this summer, that it was pretty clear that we would also take it over into fall and winter. After all a decade is not season-bound, right? If however you live in a country where fall means rain and cold, and winter means snow and freezing cold, you won't have the possibility to keep on wearing the trend just like you did in summer. However as you can see in the recent H&M advertorial, the trend can easily be made fit for fall. All you need can be found in the collages below.


Tried and Tested: Meder Beauty Science

meder beauty science review

Today we're writing a new chapter in my endless story about finding beauty products that will finally give me the skin I've always dreamt of. God knows I've tried a lot of stuff and recently I came across yet another brand. It's called Meder Beauty Science, comes from Switzerland and the products are made according to the latest biotechnological innovations. Curious?


10 Instagram Accounts from Luxembourg

Yup, I am posting way to much about Instagram over here, but who cares? We all love this little app, don't we? So instead of making a round-up of my favourite accounts, I thought I'd just share 10 accounts from people living in Luxembourg, that give you a great impression of the local culture. And their pictures are of course good enough to be followed from everywhere in the world...


Follow for: Pics of the most beautiful buildings in Luxembourg city, to learn how to live the dolce vita and currently also dreamy pictures from Portugal.


5 After Work Beauty Essentials

after work beauty essentials

After work events are really popular here in Luxembourg and also as a blogger you're mostly being invited somewhere on weekday evenings rather than on a weekend. If you work until 5pm or maybe even 6pm you don't always have the time to go home before such an event but of course you want to arrive there as fresh as possible. Especially in summer this can get really though because it's hot, hot, hot in most office rooms. That's why today I'm sharing some essentials that help me refresh after a long day at university or work.


Fashion Made in Luxembourg: Redwood by G

redwood by g fashion made in luxembourg

Are you ready for more fashion from Luxembourg? It's time to introduce Ha Dang Nguyen and her label Redwood by G! Ha Dang moved here from Vietnam about two years ago. I first saw her collection at a local market last spring and I immediately fell in love with the skirt I had the honor to wear for these pictures. The Redwood pieces are all proof of Ha Dang's great sense for detail, I mean just have a look at the "with love from G" lettering! Also the print on the skirt is really exceptional and makes it all the more special.


10 Nail Polish Favourites

nail polish favourites brands colours

Does anybody else feel overwhelmed by the multitude of cosmetic brands selling this sheer endless range of different nail polish shades? I certainly do and I'm pretty glad that by now figured out some favourite brands I can rely on, both when it comes to quality and trendy colours.


Shop What's Popular

Bloglovin shop popular clothes

Bloglovin' has always been my favourite tool to follow other bloggers. Some people check Pinterest for inspiration, I check Bloglovin'. And the page is constantly being developed so that following your favourite blogs gets even more fun and easy, for example it recommends you new blogs to follow, that are similar to the ones you already love.


Outfit: Red Wall

If something such as fashion blogger rules would exist, then one of them would certainly be that the background is part of a photographed outfit. Last weekend I only had 15 minutes to get ready and choose my outfit so I was quite undecided on what to wear. I knew I wanted to combine an outfit around this dress but I didn't quite find the right accessories. When my boyfriend and I were already on our way to one of our usual shooting spots, I saw this red wall from afar and I knew it would be the "accessory" my outfit was missing.


Outfit: Wolford Dress

Wolford ready to wear Bilbao dress

When I was younger I thought that only fancy and trendy pieces of clothing were worth splurging on, only to find out that I was lacking in versatile basics and that all of the fancy stuff didn't stay trendy for a long time. By now I'm more willing to pay money on clothes that I will be able to wear for many years, thus clothes with simple cuts and made of good material. This Wolford dress is definitely one of them and when I saw it I immediately fell for the cut and colour - a mixture of grey and purple.

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