How to Shop Mindfully (and still wear the latest trends)

shop trends mindfully

Only recently I shared a quite serious post about why I don't feel like doing much shopping anymore. Since then I've been doing a lot of research on fair and sustainable shops and I've figured out how to shop in a mindful way and still enjoy fashion. You can consider this as some kind of beginner's guide for mindful shopping as I'm quite new to the whole sustainable and ethical fashion world myself.

1. Keep a list with your favourite fair, sustainable and/or vegan shops

Once you've found the right sources, setting up a list with sustainable and ethical shops will be really easy. I'm currently working on mine and once it's finished I will definitely share it with you. (Until then you might want to check out Maddie's fair fashion list.) Once you have your list you can subscribe to the shops' newsletters or follow them on social media. Like this you will get a feeling for which shop sells which kind of clothes and you'll immediately know where to look for the latest trend you're lusting after. 

2. Shop conscious collections

Even shops that aren't 100% sustainable sometimes offer the so called conscious collections, made of eco-friendly or organic fabrics. So if you don't want to quit H&M completely, you may want to favour their conscious collections, which often feature some gorgeous pieces. Just keep in mind that even though they may be sustainable, they are far from being ethical most of the time.

3. Ask yourself if you really need that item

They key to a good shopping experience, no matter if you take care of sustainability or not, is only buying the items you really need. I know that we've all made the one or the other mispurchase and that we bought items just to have them, but not wear them. But what's the sense of it? Wouldn't it be gorgeous to actually keep that money to buy yourself one item that you can value as you've been lusting after it for like ages? Just look at all the mispurchases you made this year and total how much money you've spent on them. Wouldn't it be enough money to buy one of those apparently "too expensive fair fashion items"?

4. Opt for high quality classics

One of the values of sustainable fashion is to keep your clothes for a long time and don't throw them away after one season. So even if you don't shop at fair fashion stores you can make sure to buy high quality clothes that are classical enough that you will gladly wear them for a long time. I guess we've all been shopping enough to know the fabrics by now and to already see in store what will outlast years and what will have a hole after the first time of wearing it. So let's make use of this knowledge and don't ignore it anymore when shopping new clothes. 

5. Buy second hand

As we're trying to avoid fast fashion, how about buying second hand? We all know that everything comes back in fashion so instead of buying the latest trends at Zara, why not look out for the same trends from the 70s in a thrift shop? This will not only make you a sustainable shopper but will also save you money and make your style unique.

6. Don't buy more than 5 new pieces per season

If despite all of these tips you still can't say no to most clothes you see in stores, you should set yourself a limit of not buying more than 5 new pieces per season. If you make wise decisions 5 pieces will be totally enough to keep you up to date. Like for example for this summer/spring you will need a bucket bag, a fringe jacket, an off-the-shoulder top, espadrilles (fair fashion ones from TOMS!) and a faux suede button up skirt. You already have one or two of these items in your closet from last year? Great! More money to make first fair fashion experiences!

If now you furthermore take your own shopping bag instead of hoarding endless plastic bags, you're a real mindful shopper! Feel free to also share your shopping tips so we can make this list even longer.


  1. I love this sweetie! Great tips and what a beautiful blog!

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    Diana Bryant

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  2. I think this a great post and really makes me think about buying sustainable pieces. You are right too about if you can't buy sustainable pieces make sure you get ones that will last a long time. I like your idea too about only buying 5 pieces per season. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention about good shopping choices!


    1. I'm so glad you liked the post! I really try to stick to the 5 piece rule from next season on :)

  3. I have all this things clear in my mind when go shopping but unfortunately it is really difficult respect them! Above all I either ending up buying for the 1,000th time the same kind of LBD either I buy something totally far away from my style "to change" I will never use :P


    1. Haha, yes it's not always easy but at least we're trying ;)

  4. Awesome tips, I really enjoyed reading this post! I for one always try to put as much of my purchases in only one plastic bag, meaning that if I for example shop at 3 different brands, I try to avoid getting bags from the second and third place I buy something at, which doesn't only help avoiding the hoarding of plastic (or even paper) bags but it's also usually easier to carry one big plastic bag instead of many small ones!


    1. I'm glad you liked the tips! I started doing the same with the plastic bags. Also I never throw them away but always reuse them until they became wet or dirty once :)


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