How About A Picnic?

picnic fashion shooting

Is it just me or have picnics among families become way less popular? Maybe it's because it's one of these activities parents only put effort into as long as their children are young and need constant entertainment. I for one haven't done a picnic in years and I can't even remember the last time I did one.
However just like so many things that scream "dolce vita", bloggers seem to also have rediscovered the trend of eating aground in free nature. And they wouldn't be bloggers if they wouldn't pull out some pictures for their blog from these pretty settings as well. In fact I know the background conditions for two of these pictures so I know that often the pictures come first and the food is rather a side effect nowadays. For example the first picture has been made by Zanita and apart from the fact that it was windy as hell and the setting wasn't a magical fairy wood but just a regular piece of dried out lawn, there were also a handful of people to help the two girls set everything up and drag this mass of food that the girls probably didn't eat up afterwards. (All to be seen in the series "Fashion Bloggers".)
But you know what? This background information doesn't make the picture less magical, a picture that still inspires me to grab a blanket and go out with a French soft cheese sandwich and a bottle of chilled rosé immediately. And it's okay if your blanket is 20 years old and doesn't have a palm print or if you don't store your salad in mason jars but in Tupperware bowls or if you don't have a cute picnic basket but just a grocery bag to transport all of your stuff. What really matters is that you have a good time with beloved ones, be it just in your backyard.
P.S.: Only today my friend Monika has published this amazing tuna, dried tomato and caper spread that sounds super delicious, why not give it a try for your picnic?

picnic essentials

picnic on the beach

picnic shooting red blanket

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  1. Ahhh! Watermelons on the beach, yes pleaseee!


  2. Beautiful photos!

    Check out my latest post <3

  3. Inspiring pictures. We love picnic and sometimes picnic … in our garden.

  4. I think they are less popular in Luxembourg because you cannot really rely on the weather... in other European cities like London or Berlin they are the new fashion trend! I would love to have a picnic stylish like in your pictures!


  5. I can't remember when I last went for a picnic... Definitely had lots when I used to live in London.

  6. This would be so lovely :) Love picnics.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  7. Wasn't that a shoot to promote a wine company hahaha! So true. I remember being younger and always going on picnics. Even if we weren't on one driving around or passing parks you'd always see people gathered by a rug on the ground or by a public bbq cooking something. I definitely don't see any of that these days. A few times I've gone up into the mountains like when I was little and those parks and space are always dead empty. I feel like it's something that has been past these days. I think it's a dying form of socialising sadly. And it's not our fault. I think we are way too busy these days and parents prefer to park their kids in front of TV's and iPads because it's easier and less demanding of them. I don't know, just my observation at least.


    1. Right, haha! Well I was wondering if the same thing could be noticed over in the US because there picnics seem to have been even more popular, at least that's what movies from the 90s made me think. Quite sad after all.

  8. For me picnics sound like an amazing time together with people you enjoy being with, unfortunately, I don't remember the last time I did :(( but your post is a good reminder for us to go and enjoy and do a picnic while it's still summer!
    Thank you for including my recipe!! :)**

  9. i've been wanting to do a picnic all summer long now but somehow never got around it! to me, food is one of the main priorities at picnics though, hehe :D i'm sure i'll be eating in parks in different cities on my interrail trip though :)



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