Beauty Empties June & July

beauty empties used up products

Is it just me or have empties posts become less popular? I don't see them much around anymore but maybe that's also because I've been reading less beauty blogs lately. I still think that this kind of post makes sense because it's about sharing what products are worth purchasing and which ones aren't so in fact it's about saving you money to buy the really good stuff. For example after this post you'll know that Paula's Choice is a brand you should give a try if you have blemish prone skin and that products from the discounter can be better than those of high-end brands.

GARNIER Ultra Doux Argan & Camellia Oil
This used to be my favourite hair care range for a while but I'm starting to get tired of the smell. I will however stick to Ultra Doux because it's a great product line and they have many different scents.

HELENA RUBINSTEIN All Mascaras! Complete Eye Make-up Remover
Expensive isn't always better, especially when it comes to eye makeup removers. I will definitely switch back to Garnier which was just better and cheaper. Luckily this was just a sample. 

PAULA'S CHOICE Clear Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution
As you might remember I've recently tried two Paula's Choice products and while I'm still using the day cream I've already used up this daily exfoliator. I never thought that acid could be so gentle and I felt like this product did my skin really good. Full review here

LUSH Catastrophe Cosmétique
Best face mask I've tried so far! It leaves my skin all bright and clear.

CIEN Q10 eye contour cream
As some of you surely know, Cien is the beauty brand of the German discounter Lidl. Nevertheless the products don't have a bad reputation at all and so I gave this eye cream a try. My biggest problem with eye creams is that they tend to burn on my skin when it's irritated after removing the eye makeup. This cream however was really gentle, maybe because it's perfume free. 

WELEDA Wildrose Creamy Body Wash
You know I'm quite bad at using up beauty products before they expire. With regular brands this mostly isn't a problem though as they can be used far longer than what the expiry date says. With natural cosmetics however this tends to become a bit problematic and so this shower gel didn't smell quite as fresh anymore when I finally used it. But if you tend to only buy the products you need immediately then I highly recommend you to give Weleda products a go. 

THE BODY SHOP Amazonian Lily Shower Gel
A really fresh and pleasant smell, I enjoyed using this shower gel and would repurchase it.

ORIGINAL SOURCE Vanilla and Raspberry Shower
I guess Original Source is one of these brands that try to attract people with the packaging and funny quotes on the bottles. Unfortunately the shower gel is really liquid and the bottle was empty in no time. Thumbs up for the smell and the fact that the product is vegan though.


  1. I don't about others, but I still like empty posts, because you can get a real view of the product only after you finish it, so these kind of posts are informative :)

  2. Great post!
    I like Garnier products.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I bought that Lush mask yesterday and just had it on! My skin feels amazing. Great post!

    Check out my latest post <3

  4. wow, really brautiful products. I also love the Cien product! Its amazing :))

  5. wow so many amazing products ! I love it :D


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