Outfit: Carmen Top

off-the-shoulder Carmen bardot top combination

Good things come to those who wait but in fashion it may happen that you wait too long. See when it comes to the latest trends I tended to shop them immediately when I was younger. However as I'm living in Luxembourg, trends tend to take some time before they arrive here so often what I shopped turned out to be like the latest trend, but still something entirely different. Here the nuances can be really subtle. So when, just like every season, off-the-shoulder turned out to be in again, I wanted to join the fun but by now I became more conscious about what I buy and so instead of getting a blouse that I only liked to some extend, I decided to rather wait for the perfect one or go yet another season without off-the-shoulder tops. So I waited and a good thing came to me, namely this awesome Carmen top which I got second hand, and for free!


Beauty Empties June & July

beauty empties used up products

Is it just me or have empties posts become less popular? I don't see them much around anymore but maybe that's also because I've been reading less beauty blogs lately. I still think that this kind of post makes sense because it's about sharing what products are worth purchasing and which ones aren't so in fact it's about saving you money to buy the really good stuff. For example after this post you'll know that Paula's Choice is a brand you should give a try if you have blemish prone skin and that products from the discounter can be better than those of high-end brands.


A Guide To Shopping Useful Souvenirs

guide to shopping souvenirs

August is probably the month where most of you will be going on holiday so it's not too late to share some of my travel tips. However I didn't feel like showing you how to pack your suitcase or how to dress for the plane because these are articles that every blog or magazine has already written before. Therefor I would like to share with you my tips for shopping cute local souvenirs that you will still love once you're back home. I must admit that souvenir shopping is always one of my favourite activities on holiday, but only if it allows me to connect with the culture of the region.


10 Colourful Instagram Accounts

Trends are everywhere, not just in fashion. Even social media follows certain trends and it seems like Instagram is the trendsetting leader of the cool kids gang. And on Wednesdays the cool Instagram kids don't wear pink, their motto is overexposed white all over. All possible colour will furthermore be removed from any picture by reduced saturation. And to make it all even paler they'll add a white frame almost larger than the picture itself, making their feed look cleaner than a hospital hallway.
Luckily enough there are still some girls out there who can do without the latest trends, who embrace colour and who see beauty in nature even without filters. Presenting my favourite colourful Instagram accounts, in case you're tired of seeing beige burgers and pale pink smoothies:

colourful Instagram feeds to follow


Happy Feet With Timeless Truth

Winning a giveaway is obviously pretty cool because you feel like the lucky chosen one and you get stuff for free, but I also like the fact that mostly you can win things you wouldn't necessarily have bought yourself, either because they're too expensive, or because you didn't know you'd need them in your life. The last reason applies to this foot mask that I won over at Paris 8 last week and picked up yesterday.


Fashion Made in Luxembourg: Milina House of Fashion

Milina House of Fashion Luxembourg designer

Last month I started off my "Fashion Made in Luxembourg" project with two posts about Manalena and now it's time to finally present you the next designer. Her name is Nadia Williams and she is the founder of Milina - House of Fashion.


How About A Picnic?

picnic fashion shooting

Is it just me or have picnics among families become way less popular? Maybe it's because it's one of these activities parents only put effort into as long as their children are young and need constant entertainment. I for one haven't done a picnic in years and I can't even remember the last time I did one.


Manic(ure) Monday: Darker Shades

Elissance Le Vernis N°9 Smokey swatch

I don't know if it's the currently rainier weather or the fact that it feels like summer is almost over when in fact it has just begun, that made me choose a darker shade for this week's manicure. Maybe it's also the fact that I got this Elissance nail polish in another Pochette de Janette and wanted to try it immediately because I knew it would become one of my favourite shades for autumn/winter. Whatever it is, I'm now running around with this dark bluish purple on my nails and I love the shade!


Outfit: Sorbet Colours

pastel summer outfit plaited midi skirt

These days I'm feeling terribly lazy. I have to get up at 5:30 am to drive my sister to work and even though I slip back into bed right after I come home, I can't get rid of this tiredness for the whole day. Luckily enough I don't have many appointments these days, which means that I can stay at home and nobody needs to see my tired face (I hate people telling me how tired I look). However this also means that I'm not on the height to produce new blog content but luckily enough I still have these outfit pictures from Disneyland.


Disneyland Paris

Already back in March I booked this trip to Disneyland for my boyfriend's birthday as he had never been there. For me it was already the third time but I think you should visit such parks more than once because there are attractions for all ages and I certainly saw some things differently than I did 10 years ago. Besides a flood of pictures I also want to share some tips and my favourite attractions with you.


Outfit: Velvet Skirt

OOTD velvet skirt summer outfit

While I'm writing this, I'm recovering from three days of intense walking. Yesterday evening I came back from Disneyland, which was wonderful but also exhausting. Tomorrow there will be a detailed post with pictures from the park and the experiences I made there, but for now I wanted to start off with the first outfit that I wore in Disneyland. I am more than glad that my boyfriend was willing to shoot all three looks that I had chosen the day before our departure.


Outfit: Gladiator

gladiator sandals striped dress summer outfit look

As you know I'm currently running this Fashion Made in Luxembourg project where I'm introducing a new Luxembourgish designer each month. Last month I've been showing you some gorgeous pieces from Manalena and on Thursday the designer Maddalena had organized and event with a fellow designer, namely Ha Dang from the label Redwood. I had already seen Ha Dang's creations at a local market but I thought it would be a nice occasion to catch up with both designers and discuss further collaborations.


DIY Transparent Beach Clutch

DIY transparent zip beach clutch tutorial

I haven't been doing a DIY in ages because I wanted to leave it to the pros like Geneva, who is my favourite DIY blogger ever. However with DIYs you sometimes just have a sudden inspiration and you know it will be good. That was also the case with this easy peasy transparent beach clutch. I got this zipper bag at an event as it was holding some beauty products, and I never throw such things away. When I came across it a few months later I knew it would be pretty handy to take to the beach as this zipper clasp is gorgeous to protect your stuff against the sand and the plastic also makes it waterproof. The only thing that was missing was a fancy detail.


Outfit: Red Pants

red pants white vest summer look

Remember last week we've been speaking about giving your clothes a second chance by styling them a little differently? Well that's what also happened to these pants, which I hadn't been wearing in ages. The first times I wore them, I always put my shirt inside the pants, which however made my hips look quite wide. Only recently I figured out that they would look quite okay if I had a top to actually wear over the pants, so this sleeveless vest came in quite handy and will be my new go-to combination for the red pants. Because you know what? They are damn comfy!


How to Shop Mindfully (and still wear the latest trends)

shop trends mindfully

Only recently I shared a quite serious post about why I don't feel like doing much shopping anymore. Since then I've been doing a lot of research on fair and sustainable shops and I've figured out how to shop in a mindful way and still enjoy fashion. You can consider this as some kind of beginner's guide for mindful shopping as I'm quite new to the whole sustainable and ethical fashion world myself.


Outfit: Polo

blue white zigzag maxi dress

Yesterday I went to see the final of a polo tournament with Emilie. I hadn't really planned to take outfit pictures there so I've been wearing my hair up. It has been so hot all of these days that I really didn't feel like straightening it and rather wanted to get it out of my neck. However I don't use to wear my hair up as I don't like how it makes my face look, so I just leave the house like this exceptionally. But then Emilie said she really liked my hair like that and offered me to take my outfit pics. So I thought "why not?", after all I could still not publish them afterwards. In the end I'm quite okay with my hair, but I wish I would have worn shoes that would actually match my bag. But hey, life's not always perfect, right?


Matchy Matchy: These Nail Polishes Go With Your Fav Summer Shoes

Gladiator sandals, mules, slides - this summer really has lots of gorgeous shoes to offer. And luckily the times where shoes used to be just black and brown are definitely over as well. (You know I'm a sucker for the metallic trend!) So what could be better than wearing the prettiest shoes on your feet? Of course matching them with a pretty pedicure! Just as on your finger nails, it doesn't always need to be classy red on your toes either. I for example love white nail polish, which goes with about any pair of shoes, but you can also work with contrasts like purple and brown or harmonizing combinations like light and dark blue. Just dare to be a bit creative this summer, you'd be surprised by how much a little nail polish can change the entire look of your shoes. 


Giveaway: Pochette de Janette

Pochette de Janette juillet contenu

Opening the Pochette de Janette, Luxembourg's one and only beauty and lifestyle subscription "box", always feels like Christmas. And this month it seems like I got all the presents I have wished for. This special edition summer Pochette comes with all you need for a relaxed day on the beach or by the pool. (Even the colours seem to scream for a yummy sorbet!) Let's have a closer look at the content and then quickly go over to the giveaway so you can win your very own summer-improving-goodie-filled-beauty-purse.


Outfit: New Combinations

folkloric summer look ethnic skirt

You know they always say that if you haven't worn a piece of clothing in 12 months you should just give it away. I have quite a hard time sticking to this rule, firstly because I am a hoarder (I even used to collect stones when I was younger!) and secondly because I always manage to fall in love with a piece of clothing for a second time by just combining it differently than I used to. This skirt for example, used to be a fall skirt which I wore during the colder months with black tights and a long-sleeved top. Now it has been hanging in my closet for one and a half years and I was so tired of seeing it all of the time and only last week I was wondering if I would ever wear it again. But then I decided to accept the challenge and just styled it for a folkloric summer outfit with this fluffy white blouse. I augmented the look with a wooden bangle but at the same time tried to stay minimalistic with my pointed flats (instead of sandals) and my usual silver jewellery. And for once I was okay with a little green in my photo background (which Claude and I found next to the Church of a village I have up to then only just passed through by car).

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