Why I Don't Feel Like Shopping The Sales This Year

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Shopping used to be my favourite thing of all times. New cities for me were always linked to new shopping possibilities. Nothing made me happier than a new piece of clothing at a reduced price (except a new piece of clothing that I got for free). The red "sale" sign used to be an invitation to enter even more shops and buy even more clothes (even though most of them were new collection anyway). By now however, I almost don't dare to enter a Zara anymore and I feel bad about browsing H&M's online shop.
What has happened you're asking? Well Maddie and her blog happened. And then the show "Sweatshop" happened. And then "Earthlings" happened. And then "The True Cost" (which I haven't even seen yet) happened. So shortly it has happened that people started wondering where their clothes come from, what they're made of and under which conditions. And the truth they found was not rosy.
See I've been wanting to write about these things several times but I didn't do it for two reasons: 1. I wasn't sure if I wanted this blog to be a place that makes you feel uncomfortable, even just from time to time, and I know such topics make me feel uncomfortable. 2. Who am I to talk about such things? Only this year I've been buying 14 items that surely aren't fair and sustainable and only last week I've been recommending you new bikinis to buy. 
So why have I decided to talk about my feelings nevertheless? Well first of all I think that bloggers should make use of the voice they have and that everybody in the world should help to improve the place they're living in. Secondly I know that even though I won't be able to buy 100% fair, sustainable and vegan fashion from now on, I will still be shopping more mindfully than before, which is a first step in the right direction.
As you can imagine it's quite hard to be a fashion blogger, wear the newest trends, go to store openings, make shopping recommendations,... and still try to avoid leather, made in Bangladesh and mass consumption. And that's what bothers me right now. How can I continue being myself without feeling guilty 24/7?
To be honest I don't think there's an ideal solution to this problem. Just have a look at how much Maddie already does: She is a vegan, adopted her dog from a shelter, wears fair and sustainable fashion and promotes it on her blog, tries to live eco-friendly,... and still people blame her for ordering at Zalando or working for certain brands. One person just can't do it all because it's all linked together and goes way beyond shopping sustainable clothes.
So now that we've reached this dark point of reflection, how can we actually continue living our lives in the best possible way? After thinking about it for quite a while I came to the conclusion that we all should do whatever we can reconcile with our conscience. I am going to continue to love the fashion business but I'm also going to continue to inform myself about what's going on in it instead of closing my eyes to it.
What do you guys think about this subject? Would you like more posts on this topic like maybe a fair fashion recommendation list? 


  1. I don't think that you should feel uncomfortable to write about a topic that touches you. There is nothing wrong with that! Many years ago, if I had been blogging at that time, I would probably have had a blog dedicated 100% to fashion. I was flying once or twice a month to London and came back with suitcases full of clothes. Nowadays, I still enjoy shopping and I do feel bad about the people that are exploited to make our clothes (be it high end or high street)... I also didn't join the closet sale this year because I decided to keep wearing past seasons' clothes and I shouldn't feel guilty for not always being dressed according to the latest fashion trends. In the end, just do what feels right to you and if this post can raise some awareness, it's great. xo

    1. You're right, I think as a blogger it's easy to get lost in all of the positive things but as we have a voice we should also make use of it. It's good that you decided to be more mindful about your shopping and clothes consuming, in fact you have your own style which is classy and thus doesn't need to follow the latest trends ;)

  2. This is such a great eye opening post. I think the only way we can change the negative side of the fashion industry is if everyone opens their eyes in the way you have and the easiest way of reaching out and helping others do the sae is by using our voices which is what you've done here. I love this post and I cant wait to read more of these kinds of posts from you <3

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    1. I'm glad you regard my post as useful! I will definitely continue writing posts about fair fashion, I already have a few in mind right now :)

  3. What a brilliant post Carmen! Yes, please continue expressing topics like this here, I sure would love to see them if you feel like sharing. In todays day and age it is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone and IMPOSSIBLE to be 100% ethical. I wish I could say that I've refrained from purchasing even after learning about the price of high street fashion but just a few days ago I purchased a sleeveless trench vest for work from Boohoo. What annoys me most are judgemental people who pick on others who according to them are "hypocrites" just because they adopt from a shelter and buy specific clothing but still eat meat. They expect those of us taking baby steps or others who make massive adjustments in their lives to go 100% as they so claim. Like the last week on FB, I don't know about you but my FB feed was inundated with posts urging people to sign the petition against the Yulin dog eating meat festival. What pissed me off so much was all the HATE against meat eaters who were supporting and wanting this barbaric act abolished. They (myself included because I do eat meat, not much but I do eat chicken and hamburgers and pizza which has meat) were throwing shade at everyone calling them hypocrites because apparently the slaughter of these dogs is no different than taking a cow or pig to an abattoir. Which in some respect is true, but I don't think cows and pigs and chickens have their deaths prolonged and tortured to make their meat "tastier". I hated that they were bashing everyone else when they should be rejoicing and adding their voices too. Baby steps, you know. I have vegan friends who refrained from commenting and sharing those kinds of posts, but enjoyed posting their own "how is eating dog meat any different than cow or chicken". At the same time I guarantee they are not so innocent themselves because it's impossible. You can choose not to eat meat, but how can you guarantee your deodorant hasn't been tested on animals? Sure the company says the don't but the ingredients and products they source from other companies most likely do test on animals. And you might ensure you only buy free range eggs but what about the mayonnaise you buy? The eggs that made it were probably from caged hens. Right now, try as we might we're not going to make drastic change overnight. But surely with smaller steps things might just change. We just ALL need to band together.

    (sorry, this was probably waaaaay too long! I always get carried away)

    1. Yup this was probably one of the longest comments I ever got over here but it's great that my post inspired you to speak your mind and I loved reading your point of view. You're totally right with what you said about bashing against people who just take baby steps. I am not a vegan, nor even a vegetarian myself and even though I admire people who don't eat meat, I think there's always a good way to fight for your cause, and a bad way to fight for your cause. Instead of letting us "normal" people fight one bad thing, some people just point out all the other bad things that go along with it so every small success seems like nothing compared to all the work that still needs to be done. No wonder nobody wants to do anything if they feel like it's just too much to handle.
      I for myself decided to do every aspect of my life a bit more mindfully and I will also continue writing posts about fair fashion as I think it's a subject that needs to be heard, but without blaming anybody who won't adapt to it. Everybody has their weakness and if some people's weakness is to buy 5 bags of Primark clothes a month, then I'm not the one who is going to blame them.
      So thanks a lot for joining the discussion!


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