Tried and Tested: Seacret Salt & Oil Scrub

Seacret salt oil scrub pomegranate review

I know that some people don't approve of direct selling companies but I think they are pretty interesting to watch as they often sell innovative products that really work. So far I've been making experiences with Mary Kay and Forever Living and both brand's beauty products were pretty convincing. Lately I discovered another direct selling beauty brand called Seacret. They are currently switching from selling in stores to direct selling in Europe. A friend of mine became a salesperson for Seacret recently and thus offered me to try some products at a reduced price. To start off with I chose the Salt & Oil scrub.

Seacret salt oil scrub pomegranate review

Just like most other Seacret products, the body scrub comes with minerals from the dead sea, is paraben free and hasn't been tested on animals. It is available as Ocean Mist, Milk & Honey and Pomegranate and as you can see I chose the last one, which smells super fresh, just perfect for summer! The scrub contains dead sea salt in different oils like grape seed, sesame or almond oil. This makes the ideal mixture as the salt is really rough and thus leaves your skin super soft and the oil moisturises it perfectly so you don't need to use an additional body lotion after showering. To be honest this is the best body scrub I've tried so far as I prefer those rough scrubs that really work on all body areas. If you have sensitive skin however, you may want to take care while rubbing it in.
So the Seacret scrub is amazing but what about their other products? I was able to also discover the magnetic mud mask which you take of by running a magnet over your face. How amazing is that? See that's what I mean by innovative products! Furthermore I also tried the Thermal Moisture Mask, which gets all warm on the skin and the Mineral-Rich Peeling Gel after the use of which you can feel your dead skin peel off. 
All in all if you are willing to spend a little more on your skin care and buy products that really work, then you should definitely check out Seacret and have a look at their products. If you are interested in getting a demonstration at home or in buying the products at a discount, you can contact me via email and I will connect you with my friend who sells the products. 


  1. Friends in the all the right places hey! Hehe. That body scrub sounds divine. I definitely need some TLC! x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  2. Sounds really interesting! Love discovering new brands and products so thanx for the tip!!!:)

    xx, Vanessa


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