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Works With Water Help: Clear Skin review

There are quite a few things I've inherited from my dad and unfortunately a bad acne during my teenage years was one of them. Since then I've always struggled with my skin and even though it has been way better for the last 5 years, I still have bad breakouts regularly. As you can imagine I tried more products than I could count, going from expensive products praised in informercials, over the famous Clearasil, towards more natural products in the end. And in all these years of trying so many products, I never thought of treating my skin problems from the inside. Are you ready to discover the magic of food supplements?
About two months ago I discovered the brand Works With Water which has a small range of food supplements for the skin. The Help: Clear Skin is their blemish fighter and works with natural lactoferrin, aloe vera and zinc to help maintain normal skin. I was offered a box with 28 sachets for a one month treatment, which ended two days ago. The powder can easily be added to a hot or cold drink or even to a liquid meal like soup or yoghurt. (Don't try it with carbonated drinks though, this stuff gets foamier than a Lush bath bomb!). The powder tastes rather sweet but you won't really notice a difference in your drink.
When I started the treatment my skin was pretty clear for once, so I tried to observe if it would stay like this. Normally I have bad breakouts about twice a month but for the first 3 weeks of using the powder my skin stayed all clear and I just had an occasional spot here and there. All in all I was really satisfied with my skin condition and my skin was way less blemish-prone. The last week however my premenstrual time kicked off and the product lost control a bit. During the two days that I haven't been using the powder my skin got even worse and I'm back to my regular skin situation.
So all in all the powder is pretty good and ideal for people who just can't get rid of blemishes, no matter the time of the month. If however you just have your premenstrual breakouts the Help: Clear Skin may not be the ultimate solution for you. Nevertheless I would be interested in using it for more than 4 weeks to see if it makes a difference. Unfortunately it's too pricy to use it forever (about 50€ for a monthly treatment) but I might repurchase it before an important event that requires perfect skin (like my wedding or so...)


  1. Ich suche schon ewig nach einer Möglichkeit meine Haut etwas klarer zu bekommen. Schade, dass das Wundermittel leider auch nicht auf Dauer hilft, sonst hätte ich es mir sicher mal angeschaut!



  2. The powder sounds like a miracle worker! I like how you can add it to food/drink :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks


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