Recipe: Vegan Blueberry Ice Cream

I have been praising this ice cream on snapchat (@clothesncamera) and Instagram, so I thought it would be time for a recipe on the blog. However I'm not sure we can even talk about a recipe because the ingredients are pretty much up to you and the work is all done by a special ice cream maker. Now I hear some of you say: "I don't have an ice cream maker, I'm gonna skip this post..." BUT don't leave me quite yet, 'cause I'll be telling you why it's definitely worth investing in this special ice cream maker, and how you can get along without it nevertheless.

So what's the secret of this oh-so-sweet ice cream that doesn't look vegan at all? Well it's all made of fruit! No other ingredients whatsoever. But how can it look so creamy? Well it's all thanks to the Yonanas ice cream maker. You just put some frozen fruit inside and the result is this delicious, sugar-free, vegan ice cream that is furthermore low in calories. Magic right? The only "restriction" is that it only gets this creamy and sweet if you add frozen bananas so if you don't like bananas or can't eat them for any reason I am super duper sorry for you...

1 frozen banana
100g frozen blueberries
(or any other frozen fruit of your choice, feel free to mix it up however you please!)

1. Cut your banana in slices and freeze it for a few hours together with the fruit of your choice.
2. Take the frozen fruit out of the fridge about 5 minutes before making the ice cream.
3. Put it in your Yonanas or any similar ice cream maker and enjoy!

I just had a look at Amazon for you guys and there you can get the magic machine but also similar healthy ice cream makers like the Gino Gelati or the Jolta (awesome names, right?). As not everybody wants to get another kitchen device standing around, there might be another possibility for you healthy ice cream lovers. Do you remember my banana peanut butter ice cream? Well I made that one in a blender!

I think these healthy ice cream makers are the best thing since the invention of ice cream and I've been using ours pretty much already! It is really crazy how much ice cream you will get from one banana and some blueberries! And as a major plus this ice cream is so filling as well.

More guilt-free ice cream ideas? Check out my banana peanut ice cream and my watermelon popsicles! Which fruit will you be adding to your healthy pleasure?


  1. Mmmh, banana and blueberries are perfect for me. "Guilt-free" ice cream sounds irresistible.

  2. Fab recipe! The ice cream looks solo good and is obviously really healthy. I cant wait to try it.

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  3. The ice cream looks and sounds delicious! My friend's vegan so I'll definitely have to point her in the direction of this post :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  4. How delicious and fresh! I absolutely always love making fresh things at home but haven't tried ice cream before! I totally need to try making ice cream/sorbets at home! Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration!

  5. It must be delicious! I like the way you tastefully presented the ice cream; great photos.

  6. Mmmm blueberries. And ice cream. Say no more. I have an ice cream machine somewhere. Never been used though because I can't find it lol. And how someone loses it? I have no clue.



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