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Blogging is such a multi-faceted job and can be really overwhelming at times. Taking pretty pictures, writing excellent texts, promoting the posts, interacting with readers, doing SEO, maintaining an attractive blog design,... Luckily enough for some of these tasks there are great web pages that help you remain on track. Here I'm sharing my most used ones with you:

Blog Promoting

Just taking pictures and writing posts unfortunately isn't enough to gain readers so it's important to promote your posts. I've found that this is way more efficient on blogger community pages than on social media. At the moment I'm contributing to three such pages, my favourite being Stylebook BlogStars as I get a lot of traffic from that page. As it's only in German and you first need to be accepted as a contributing blogger it might not be the ideal tool for everybody.
Therefore I also want to recommend Silk&Salt, which doesn't give me as much traffic, but which is open to international bloggers by now and can be used in German, English and Spanish. (Page doesn't work properly anymore.)
Last but not least you might know that Luxembourg also has an active blogger community so we also share posts from Luxembourgish bloggers on our Blogger_LU Facebook page. If there is such an initiative in your area you should definitely make use of it as the reach of such collective pages can be way larger than your personal blog page.

Checking Stats & Page Quality

I think that if you want to develop your blog, it's also important to have a look at your stats. If you know which post was popular last month you can write more on that subject, if you know where your followers come from you can cover more events from that area, etc. If you're using Blogger you shouldn't relate on the blog stats the platform provides you with. Google Analytics is much more exact and contains way more information. It's a bit complicated to install the tracking code and you will have to wait for 24 hours to see the first stats, but it's definitely worth it.
Then I also like to keep my social media stats in mind, which for Facebook and Twitter can be done on the pages themselves. For Instagram I use Iconosquare of which I explained the advantages in a recent post
Another page I want to recommend is Seobility. There you can check the quality of your blog and see what needs to be improved. Is you page too slow? Did you think about your meta descriptions? Do your posts have a good length? This SEO check will tell you!

Social Media

Just listing Facebook and Twitter under this category would be pretty lame, wouldn't it? Therefore I will rather share some pages that help me step up my social media game. The first one is Bitly, which is basically a link shortener. The reason why I'm using it is that I think these super long blog links don't look really esthetic on social media channels, especially not on Facebook. I also know that some people use it to "hide" affiliate links, which however you should avoid with Bitly as the program is said to turn links into affiliate links on its own so your own tracking code will get lost and you won't make money from your link anymore. Luckily enough there are plenty alternatives like for example goo.gl or TinyURL.
Another useful tool is a Twitter scheduling program and I found the easiest to be FutureTweets. Also here you gotta make sure to stick to the 140 signs but apart from that the page works pretty well. Scheduling Facebook posts is luckily enough possible on Facebook itself (just choose "plan" instead of post by using the drop down menu on the blue button). 

Finding Inspiration

Sometimes I just don't know what to write about on my blog or I have a clear subject in mind but I don't really know how to attack it (be it just that I can't think of a nice composition to photograph that new mascara I want to review). I definitely have these days a lot, especially now that I barely leave the house as I have to write several semester theses. A little inspiration can go a long way when it comes to blogging so I always make sure to check out my Bloglovin' feed before throwing in the towel. Seeing what other people wrote about recently can give you a good idea of what subjects are currently relevant in your niche. 
Another source of inspiration would of course be Pinterest, which however I use more for photo inspiration than for finding subjects to write about. The earlier your start pinning the more inspiration you will have at your disposal when you need it. If you're a fashion blogger for example, you can keep a board with outfit inspiration so you always know what to wear for your next shooting. 

Product Widgets

As you know there are several pages that provide you with tools to create product widgets (like the ones I use under my outfit posts) or collages. I know a lot of people swear by RewardStyle but I prefer Tracdelight, which features many brands and products I own myself or would actually buy, and not just overpriced designer stuff. In fact the page holds a good balance between all popular shops and price ranges. I am not gonna keep secret that most bloggers use these tools to make money from them, but I also think they make a post look more professional and when the widget really features the clothes from your post, then it's definitely useful for your readers as well.

What are your favourite online tools to help you out with the blog? Where do you prefer to promote your latest blog post? 


  1. Echt super! Das sind eigentlich genau die Seiten die ich auch nutze ;-)

  2. aww thank you for sharing!
    this definitely helps a lot <3


  3. Sehr gute Aufstellung. Viele Seite nutze ich auch schon und sie helfen wirklich weiter!
    Lg, Brini

  4. Hey,
    durch dese Post hun ech déng Blogger's Secret Serie entdeckt an nawell e puer hellefräich Tipps entdeckt, also scho mol décke Merci dofir! :)

    Wat mer iwwerdeems iwwregens opgefall ass (mengen et ass réischt säit déngem Neidesign), wann een mat der Maus iwwert déng Links fiirt, also dee Moment iir een drop klickt, gett den Text vum Link wäiss, wat op wäissem Hannergrond vläicht nik sou optimal ass. Vläicht wosst de dat jo nach nik. ;)

    LG Dani

    1. Hey,
      freet mech datt meng Posts der weiderhëllefe konnten! Falls nach eppes onkloer sollt sinn, kanns de mech ëmmer gär froen :)
      Wat d'Links ubelaangt: Dat ass mer zwar schonn opgefall, mee leider kann ech lo do sou direkt näischt drun änneren, well ech den Design sou am Ganze krut, an domat d'Funktiounen fir d'Ännere vun der Faarw gespert goufen. Et kéint e bestëmmt eppes un der HTML maachen, mee leider hunn ech de Moment net genuch Zäit mech domat ausserneen ze setzen. :/ Ech hoffen et stéiert net ze vill.
      Léif Gréiss

    2. Merci, wäert ech vläicht drop zréck kommen. :)
      Stéieren deet et lo nik sou, wollt et halt just léiwer gesoot hun, wees ee jo nie. ;)
      LG Dani


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