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As you might have seen on my Instagram account, I spent one day in my old hometown Bonn. However I didn't just go there to eat and stock up on drugstore essentials, but also to see the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition that had opened in March already. Can you imagine that in my three years in this wonderful city, I never went to any of the numerous museums? The only thing I visited was a Dior exhibition so as you can guess I'm more attracted by fashion than art. Even though fashion definitely is some kind of art as well, which became all the more clear with the amazing Karl Lagerfeld pieces that were exhibited at the Bundeskunsthalle.
The exhibition isn't really big but therefor all the more impressive. It shows works from the early beginnings of the designer up to today, for all the labels he designed for, like Fendi, ChloƩ or Chanel. Dresses, bags, shoes and the famous Chanel costumes from the 70s and 80s were standing next to the latest creations that we've all seen on contemporary models. It was not only interesting to see what the high society wore in the colourful 80s, but also how everything in fashion comes back. Sometimes it was really hard to guess which clothes were recent, and which ones were 30 years old.
Apart from his actual creations, the exhibition shows lots of Karl Lagerfeld's sketches, but also bits and bobs like invitations to Chanel shows, the latest commercials with Cara Delevingne and Lindsey Wixson, some pieces from the early days of Chanel and even a replica of Lagerfeld's work desk.
Besides from the shown pieces, the exhibition also manifested a love for detail with the whole setting that is supposed to make the visitor feel like strolling on a boulevard. The highlight of the exhibition however, is the paper palace (last picture) showing the most impressive haute couture gowns of the designer's career, highlighting in some impressive wedding dresses. The decoration, all made of paper that looked like white flowers, was truly impressive and made me quite sad that it was forbidden to take pictures. Therefor I took some from a Vogue article about the exhibition:

The exhibition will still be open until September 13th and the entrance costs 10€ (6,50€ for students). For more information click here. And in case you won't be able to make it to Bonn, you can see all of the exhibited designs on Vogue.de.

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  1. What a beautiful display! I'd love go go visit.

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