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Is is just me or does summer always bring along the wish to change our hair? It has been almost one year since I shared my last hair adventures in a blog post, but now I want something new. If you know me or if you have been following my blog for a while then you surely know that I've always had a fringe. In fact I haven't been fringe-less since I was 14 or so. Crazy right? That's almost one decade of wearing bangs! So today's post is about why I've always had a fringe, why I want to change that now and what hairdo is on my wish list.

The first fringe cuts I got were pretty terrible and it took me a few (or many) years to figure out how to tell the hairdresser to cut it in the right way. They still cut it too short nowadays but that's another story. In fact when I first got a straight fringe I noticed that it suits me pretty well, but apart from that I loved how much it covered a huge part of my face. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I have an ugly face, I just think there's too much of it, especially the forehead. So fringe it was.
However this year seems to be the year where my self-confidence reached a whole new level and just like I started showing my legs without shame, I think I'm ready to show a bit more of my face. After all you never know how something looks until you've tried it, right? 
So this gets us to the most important part: The haircut I'm aiming towards. See these ladies above? I think they all rock their hairdo and I want something pretty much similar. The length should stay about the same as it is now (clavicut to speak in technical terms), but the fringe has to grow out completely. I'm pretty sure this will take a least one year, but as you could read in my hair growth journey I can be quite patient when it comes to such stuff. The second step will then be the colouring. See I've always been happy with my brown hair, I think it's the prettiest of all hair colours, but in summer I like it light, also on my head. And as you might remember I liked my short ombré hair way more than my long ombré hair so I will somehow go into that direction but with even more blonde. The great thing about Liz' hairdo for example (first picture) is that the hairline is wanted so you haven't got to worry about the colour when it grows out. (I'm not gonna become a regular dyer for sure!). Or have a look at Steph's hairdo (3rd picture), in fact it's still pretty brown but the blonde flick of hair right in front makes it look way brighter and more natural.
So bascially that's how I hope my hair to look in one year from now. What do you think about this plan and what are your hair goals?


  1. Gorgeous hair inspiration, i'm sure it will suit you! I cut my hair short recently and instantly regretted it though, I think I'll be a long haired girl for life haha!

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  2. Top left is my fav. I recently cut my hair short and now I'm itching for a colour change!

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