Bling on the Beach: Temporary Tattoos

golden metallic temporary flash tattoos
(pictures via Flash Tattoos)

Do you remember the temporary tattoos we used to have as children? You got them literally everywhere, even as samples with yoghurt pots. I always wanted to apply mine immediately and I remember my mom being worried that they're not appropriate for occasions like family celebrations.


Concealer Talk

concealers under-eye spots covering

Do you remember my post about primers where I told you everything I know about their use and benefits? I thought it could be quite useful to make a similar post for concealers, especially now that I bought two new ones. In my eyes concealing is quite an important but also sometimes confusing part of the daily makeup routine. Let's have a look at it together, maybe that'll make it all a little clearer!


Karl Lagerfeld Exhibition Bonn

As you might have seen on my Instagram account, I spent one day in my old hometown Bonn. However I didn't just go there to eat and stock up on drugstore essentials, but also to see the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition that had opened in March already. Can you imagine that in my three years in this wonderful city, I never went to any of the numerous museums? The only thing I visited was a Dior exhibition so as you can guess I'm more attracted by fashion than art. Even though fashion definitely is some kind of art as well, which became all the more clear with the amazing Karl Lagerfeld pieces that were exhibited at the Bundeskunsthalle.


Fashion Made in Luxembourg: Manalena II

In my first "Fashion Made in Luxembourg" post I already introduced you to the label Manalena. Now I can finally show you the second piece I chose from the spring/summer collection and the designer was also kind enough to answer some questions about her work. Make sure to read the post until the end as there might be a little surprise waiting for you...


Why I Don't Feel Like Shopping The Sales This Year

against fair fashion

Shopping used to be my favourite thing of all times. New cities for me were always linked to new shopping possibilities. Nothing made me happier than a new piece of clothing at a reduced price (except a new piece of clothing that I got for free). The red "sale" sign used to be an invitation to enter even more shops and buy even more clothes (even though most of them were new collection anyway). By now however, I almost don't dare to enter a Zara anymore and I feel bad about browsing H&M's online shop.


Blogger's Secret: Improve Your Writing Skills

blogger writing tips improvement

Blogging goes along with so many different tasks, that I'm sure everybody has at least one talent that is useful for their blog. Either you have been working in finance and are a genius at monetising your blog, or you attended photography classes in high school, or you learnt some HTML from your geek boyfriend,... Whatever talents you have, I'm sure there is a least one you can use for your blog, maybe you just haven't discovered it yet.


Summer Nails

vintage jewellery tray porcelaine doll

Even though summer is taking a break this week, I am totally in the mood for hotter days. And while in winter I mostly stick to darker or more neutral manicures, I like some colour on my nails in summer. However I find it annoying when my manicure doesn't go with my outfit, but then again I'm also too lazy to paint my nails regularly. That's why I prefer colours that go with about any outfit I'm wearing, and as you know my favourite summer outfits are mostly white and blue. And I think that orange goes pretty well with this combo, especially with dark blue or white all over. Anyway you can never go wrong with red shades on your nails, as they go with about anything. Another versatile option for the hotter days is of course white, which looks always young and fresh, but best on tanned skin. For this season however, I decided that my go to nail polish will be this flashy, almost neon orange from Kiko that I bought in Italy last summer already. What is your summer nail polish staple? 


Outfit: Back to Pants

white blazer pants outfit striped top

Even though I've been stating my love for pants more than once, I've been wearing dresses in the last four outfit posts (and there will be coming even more!). However for a busy day in the city I fell back on something cosy and casual. Yesterday was filled with appointments and fun parties: First I had an iced almond milk coffee with Emilie, then I went to meet the next designer for my #FashionMadeInLuxembourg project, afterwards I went to Courrèges to see Emilie do the catwalk and finally we both went to the Luxuriant party. And in between all of this we found the time to quickly shoot these pictures in a location that I will definitely return to for shootings.


Fashion Made in Luxembourg: Manalena

fashion blogger luxembourg blue coat Manalena

Today is a pretty exciting day for me as it is the start of a new blog series that is really dear to my heart. Since I've been moving back to Luxembourg last summer I was thinking about how to give my blog a more local impact without neglecting my actual subjects: Fashion and beauty. In fact I already knew that Luxembourg has some fashion designers but it was only at the last edition of the "Lët'z Go Local" market that I discovered how many talented fashion creators we actually have and how amazing their designs actually are. So I started getting in contact with them and the first brand I'm now going to introduce is Manalena.


Recipe: Vegan Blueberry Ice Cream

I have been praising this ice cream on snapchat (@clothesncamera) and Instagram, so I thought it would be time for a recipe on the blog. However I'm not sure we can even talk about a recipe because the ingredients are pretty much up to you and the work is all done by a special ice cream maker. Now I hear some of you say: "I don't have an ice cream maker, I'm gonna skip this post..." BUT don't leave me quite yet, 'cause I'll be telling you why it's definitely worth investing in this special ice cream maker, and how you can get along without it nevertheless.


Hair Plans & Inspiration

balayage clavi cut hair trends summer 2015
sources 1, 2, 3, 4

Is is just me or does summer always bring along the wish to change our hair? It has been almost one year since I shared my last hair adventures in a blog post, but now I want something new. If you know me or if you have been following my blog for a while then you surely know that I've always had a fringe. In fact I haven't been fringe-less since I was 14 or so. Crazy right? That's almost one decade of wearing bangs! So today's post is about why I've always had a fringe, why I want to change that now and what hairdo is on my wish list.


Outfit: White Dress Day to Night (Part 2)

white dress night out outfit

As announced I am now sharing my second white dress outfit, this time combined for a night out. Mostly you don't need a big bag in the evening so a nice clutch will upgrade your outfit immediately. During the day you can even use it to store a piece of statement jewellery and a bold lipstick that will make your evening look even more outstanding. And of course I replaced my comfy slides that I wore in the first look, by these cute low heeled sandals. What do you think?


Tried and Tested: Seacret Salt & Oil Scrub

Seacret salt oil scrub pomegranate review

I know that some people don't approve of direct selling companies but I think they are pretty interesting to watch as they often sell innovative products that really work. So far I've been making experiences with Mary Kay and Forever Living and both brand's beauty products were pretty convincing. Lately I discovered another direct selling beauty brand called Seacret. They are currently switching from selling in stores to direct selling in Europe. A friend of mine became a salesperson for Seacret recently and thus offered me to try some products at a reduced price. To start off with I chose the Salt & Oil scrub.


Outfit: White Dress Day to Night (Part 1)

Remember the little blue dress I've been showing you in my last outfit post? I bought it at Monoprix together with this little white dress which I think is pretty versatile as it looks sporty and romantic at the same time. Yesterday it was really hot here in Luxembourg so I could wear it together with my silver sandals (which I bought at the discounter btw). I decided to shoot two looks with the dress, one for the daytime and one for the night. Sometimes you gotta go to a party right from the office or after university, so it's nice to wear something that can easily be "upgraded". However you will have to wait for my next outfit post to see how I would wear this dress for a party. Here is my relaxed daytime version to start off with:


Must Have Summer Shoes from Asos

Must have summer shoes asos

Oh my goodness, girls there is some serious shoe porn going on at Asos right now! If you gotta save money for your summer vacation you'd better click away this post immediately because it might get hard to resists all of these beauties!


Tried and Tested: Help Clear Skin

Works With Water Help: Clear Skin review

There are quite a few things I've inherited from my dad and unfortunately a bad acne during my teenage years was one of them. Since then I've always struggled with my skin and even though it has been way better for the last 5 years, I still have bad breakouts regularly. As you can imagine I tried more products than I could count, going from expensive products praised in informercials, over the famous Clearasil, towards more natural products in the end. And in all these years of trying so many products, I never thought of treating my skin problems from the inside. Are you ready to discover the magic of food supplements?


Pages I Use As A Blogger

macbook blogger desk flowers candles

Blogging is such a multi-faceted job and can be really overwhelming at times. Taking pretty pictures, writing excellent texts, promoting the posts, interacting with readers, doing SEO, maintaining an attractive blog design,... Luckily enough for some of these tasks there are great web pages that help you remain on track. Here I'm sharing my most used ones with you:

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envye template.