Step Up Your Blogging Game

take your blog to the next level step up your blogging game

Writing a blog is not something you master right from the beginning. You may have advanced writing or photography skills thanks to your studies or you may be great at social media thanks to your job, but hardly anybody has it all right from the beginning. It all comes together over time and step by step and no matter at which point of your blogging career you are, whether you only just started or you're already earning money with your blog, there is always a possibility to improve and take your blog to the next level. 

1. Photography

DSLR: If you want to take really good pictures you'll have to buy a DSLR sooner or later, so why not sooner? You can get good cameras from 300€ on!
Lens: If you're already familiar with your camera and noticed that it has some limits, you may want to invest in a new lens. The 50mm is ideal for fashion and beauty photography and doesn't cost a fortune.
Photoshop: If you're really good at taking pictures, you may get along with a free photo editing program, but then again Photoshop can do so much more and save even bad pictures. 
Equipment: Photography accessories like tripods and reflectors may be too much for a blogging beginner, but if you really want to step up your photography game you should consider getting some additional equipment that will allow you to even take good pictures under bad conditions. This becomes even more important when you have to stick to deadlines with your posts and you can't wait for better lightning conditions to shoot your pictures. 

2. Writing

Not everybody feels like expressing himself with words, which is why lots of fashion bloggers just post pictures and add the labels of their clothes. However blogging is a lot about connecting with your readers and how could this possibly happen if you don't talk to them? You may just start of with a few sentences about how you day was or how you chose your outfit for that day. Also why not use your outfit posts to talk about things in your life or in fashion business that bother you? I think Michèle does an excellent job in her writing, especially as it shows that she's just like us other girls, even though she may look and dress like a supermodel. Another important part of your writing is to make sure that it's free from spelling mistakes. When I read a first paragraph and it already contains three faults, then I really don't feel like reading on. 

3. Blog Design

As you know I only just got a professional template recently and I've been working with the simple Blogger template for more than three years. You really don't need to spend money on every part of your blog immediately, there is so much you can do on your own/for free. Just make sure that the design reflects your content and that it's nice for the readers to look at. It may not be necessary to buy a template right the first month, but at least you can change some colours and fonts of your theme, so everybody sees that you put a bit of love into your blog. (In some of my older posts you can learn how to create a nice header for your blog or make your simple Blogger template look more professional.)

4. Media Kit and Business Cards

A lot of bloggers I've been talking to want to be taken seriously and want brands to work with them. However in order to be like the professionals, you gotta behave like a professional. That means representing your blog in a nice way, networking on parties and always having you stats to pass on to brands. The best thing to achieve all these goals is by setting up a media kit and buying your first business cards (you can get really good ones for under 20€ on moo.com).

5. Connect!

This is such a crucial step but I've seen so many bloggers neglect it. It's not just about gaining new followers, but also meeting other bloggers and people from the same industry that makes a blogger successful. The exchange, the relations and the fun that will come from networking can be so inspiring and you'll never know what a new contact may bring you in the future. Of course not every country has super cool blogger events, but even meeting up with a few local bloggers will do the trick. And if you think there is no blogger group in your area, then why not create one yourself? Also make sure to get in contact with pr agencies as they are the ones to send out all the cool invitations to events you've always envied your blogger colleagues for. 


  1. hi carmen,this post is very interesting..thanks for sharing all these tips

  2. Very interesting post, I loved it!


  3. A captivating post. Your love for blogging shows through. Not being a fashion blogger I would have put Writing up at the top of the list followed by Research and Connect!

  4. great tips! :) totally agree with all of them. I have a decent camera but as I am taking more and more photos with my phone, I figure I need a phone with a better camera. As far as writing goes, I do feel weird writing but I am trying to push myself :)

  5. Great tips!
    I'm searching some guest bloggers for my blog. Write me if you're interested!


  6. Great post and great tips :)

    xx Shirley

  7. It is true there is always room for improvement. I really enjoyed your tips. I really do want to get photoshop as of right now I am only using a free program but I am sure I could make my photos even better. I do think connecting with other bloggers is a good thing!


  8. Great tips!
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Good advice for anyone who is thinking about creating a blog!

  10. thank you for sharing those tips ! love it ! :) I will absolutely keep them in my mind :D

  11. love your tips
    follow each other


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