Lush Mother's Day Range

Some of you may be a little confused by this post as Mother's Day is over, right? But not in all countries of the world. Here in Luxembourg for example, Mother's Day is always on the second Sunday of June, thus one month from now. That's why it was only yesterday that I was invited to our local Lush store for a blog party and a presentation of the Mother's Day range.
As always the staff did a great job on organizing the event with delicious food, fruity juices, flowers to put in our hair and a photography frame to play around with. If you hurry up you'll be able to get a good impression of the event on my snapchat account (clothesncamera). Today I just want to introduce you to the new products, in case Mother's Day isn't over for you yet or in case you simply want to try out some of the new stuff yourselves. Above you can see the products I got to take home to try out.
First of all there is the Yummy Mummy set which consists of shower gel and body butter which is to be used under the shower. Contrary to the in-shower body lotion I've been showing you yesterday, this one really works and left my skin all soft! Both products smell of strawberry and some of the girls really adored the scent. However as it is not possible to extract the scent of real strawberries (a fact I learned yesterday) they had to use perfume for the smell which makes it rather artificial.
Then of course no Lush collection without awesome bath supplies. Besides from the Ultraviolet bubble bar with the typical Lush smell, we also got the Mother Superior bubble bar which looks like a cute nun and smells of cherry blossom.
Besides from the Mother's Day products, Lush also has a whole new range of scents like the Kerbside Violet which we got as a solid perfume. This one really smells of flowers (including the stem if you get what I mean) but my favourite was the All Good Things, which smells of frankincense (sounds weird but believe me it's really exceptional and sweet-smelling).
The rest of the Mother's Day range consist of bubble bars and bath bombs, which you can see below, and some Mother's Day presents of which I included the Mother's Day Box and the amazing Flowers For Mum, which is wrapped up in a huge Furoshiki scarf. My favourites have got to be the cute Bubblegrub which all reminded us of a Minion, and the Secret Garden bath bomb which has a flowery surprise inside. 

Lush mother's day fĂȘte des meres 2015


  1. Yesterday was such a nice event! Lush event is always one of my favorite events :) the shower gel and butter combo is seriously great! We were spoiled yesterday :))

  2. I would have loved to attend this event but I couldn't. Love the great products that you received!


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