Iconosquare: Celebrate the Return of Instagram Analytics

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When not so long ago Iconosquare announced that they would do some changes to their web page and that most of the awesome features wouldn't be for free anymore, I was quite disappointed and desperate. Just as I love checking my Instagram feed regularly, I also became quite addicted to checking my Instagram stats from time to time. Luckily enough the good old version of Iconosquare has been back since yesterday! So let's celebrate by checking out some of the great features Iconosquare can offer Instagram addicts and professionals:

New Followers/Lost Followers:

I must admit that this is the feature on Iconosquare that I use most. I know that I shouldn't take it too personal but on bad days unfollowers make me kinda sad. So I go and check out the accounts of people that decided not to follow me any longer. When I see that they were dubious accounts anyway it reassures me and I don't care about the lost follower any longer. Obviously it can be a bit of a kick in the teeth if you see that a friend unfollowed you, but that's another story...

Most Engaged Followers

You may notice that you get likes from the same people on almost all of your pics but do you actually know who is your most engaged follower? Maybe you'll wanna thank him or her with a personal note or a little surprise like a shout out.

Most Liked/Most Commented Media:

You are not sure what your followers actually want to see on your Instagram account? If you check out this function you may see a clear red thread like for example on my account, the most liked pictures are mainly food related.


Which hashtags are people searching for on Instagram? At what time of the week are your followers most engaged? At what time of the day do you get the most hearts and comments? Which filters are popular on your account? Find it all out thanks to Iconosquare stats and use it to optimise your account and get more hearts and comments.

My likes:

Did you ever see a picture on Instagram which you liked and wanted to check back at a later time but you couldn't find it anymore? Under "my likes" you can find all the pictures your hearted lately and quickly find back the photo you are looking for. 

End of the year videos

Ever wondered where people make these cool "Best Moments on Instagram" videos that pop up in every feed at the end of the year. Yup it's on Iconosquare!

As you can see below you can also get your most interesting stats in fun snapshots to share on your account or just save as some kind of monthly growth tracking possibility.

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  1. very neat information Thanks for this great post I will check it out very soon! Have a GREAT week !!

  2. Oooh few days ago I deleted my Iconosquare account as they had made it paid. And I had a feeling that maybe I shouldn't do it :)) Now I have to sign up again :))) thanks for announcing good news!!!

  3. thanks for sharing this :)) Can't wait to try it :)


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