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blog spring relaunch

Guys, I couldn't be more excited! Something big is happening today and I can't wait to share it with you! Unless you're reading the mobile version of my blog, you will already have seen it: Clothes and Camera got a whole new design!
I know, I know, this comes as a total surprise as I haven't lost a word about it until now. The only hint may have been that I changed the logo on my social media channels this morning, but that's about it. So why the change and why didn't I tell you anything about it? Well in fact I hadn't planned to change my blog at all. Even though I wasn't satisfied with the old layout anymore, I had decided to wait until I could afford a graphic designer to change it all from scratch. However a few days ago, I got an email from the talented Dana who told me that I had won her template giveaway and so she was sending me along her White Space Blogger template. As you can imagine I couldn't have been happier and since that day I've been eager to apply the new template to my blog. However as I wanted to make sure it really works, I first set it up on a test blog where I tried every single widget that you can now see here. Then I also wanted to wait until today when I would be with my boyfriend so he could help me out in case anything would have gone wrong as I really didn't want to take the blog down for several days. So as it all went so quickly, there was no time for big announcements or a relaunch countdown, but I wanted to make sure to not only change the theme, but also the trademark of my blog. Since the beginning of this blog, my header always consisted of the words "clothes" and "camera", the word "clothes" being written backwards. Even though it was a nice playing, I've wanted to get a logo for my social media channels for quite a while. So I decided to take a simple font for the header, and only add the illustration, which I was already having before, as a logo. For the social media channels I slightly changed the logo, adding the font and blog name. I know that the font may not be easy to read but firstly I really adore it and secondly you will always find the blog name marked in regular font somewhere else. 
Another thing I really didn't feel comfortable about anymore, was my pages bar. Due to a defect in my old template, I wasn't able to change the fonts of my blog anymore, so I couldn't add pages without ruining the symmetry. However I really wanted to add or change a few things, so now you can find an "events" category, which I always love to discover on other blogs. Also now there is a link to my Tictail shop, which however needs some elaborating as well.
To me this new template definitely is a big step forward in the development of my blog and complements some other contentual changes I've been doing little by little over the last few months. To me this blog is more than a hobby and I hope to be able to inspire you in some way or another with every single post. And as this adventure is so much about you I want to make use of this relaunch to ask about your preferences. Do you like the new design or did you prefer the old one? Do you like the kind of posts that are currently to be seen on Clothes and Camera or do you wish to see more of some of the old topics (manicures, recipes,...)? Is there anything you don't like about Clothes and Camera or something which you do like and never told me? Feel free to tell me everything that comes to you mind, be it here, on Facebook, with a tweet or with an email to my likewise updated and more professional address: carmen (at) clothesandcamera (dot) com. Also if there is anything about the new template that doesn't work on your screen or devise, please let me know!


  1. Congrats Carmen with a win and a new blog design!!! Changes are always great (well almost always :)) !! I really like your new design, especially the header, which is now super professional and stylish!! Well done, girl!! :))

  2. Congrats on winning!!! :D It looks great :)


  3. Congrats on winning! The new design looks really good. đŸ‘đŸ»

  4. GesÀit gutt aus!

  5. oh cool dass du daat gewonn hues! :) ech warden emmer nach oof bis ech mer bessen eppes leeschten kann an dann Ànneren ech och. En gefÀllt mer gudd den Layout, ass just nach ongewinnt. Mee den Header an deen hun ech mech direkt verléift!

    x Claude

  6. I am so happy for you and you new blog look! I love that you are so excited about it too! I agree with you, It is more than just a hobby! The new logo looks really great and very unique! It is always a good thing to change and evolve into something new and exciting!


  7. hello there , I'm glad for you. I will make my "it was better before" but I preferred the last form. It was tender, fresh, refined, young..It's just my opinion. Good luck with this look, I'm sure it will bring you luck. Long life to your blog

  8. Hi Carmen,
    I really love it! Congrats and keep going. :-)

    Sara from missesviolet


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