Beauty Empties: May

BALEA Braun Spülung (brown hair conditioner)
This conditioner smells of hair dye and the packaging says that you should avoid contact with textiles, which makes me think that it might actually contain a bit of dye. And still I didn't see any results after using it. If you want shiny brown hair I can rather recommend the Garnier Ultra Doux Henné Mûre (not available in every country though).

GARNIER Clean&Soft Complete Cleansing Milk
When it comes to removing makeup I am a bit lazy. I do go to bed with a clean face, no worries, but the only products I use are eye makeup removers. The rest just has to go off with a washcloth and maybe a toner. (Luckily enough by now I'm using the Glov which makes all of these products dispensable.) Anyway this is the reason why it literally took me years to use up this cleansing milk, which I only used to remove lipstick or maybe mascara smudges from time to time. Nevertheless it is a good product and indeed really gentle to the skin. By now I have replaced it by Garnier's Micellar Water, which leaves the skin with a fresher feeling.

GARNIER Fructis Prachtauffüller (deep conditioner)
I admit it wasn't love at first use with this range, but the deep conditioner was my favourite from the beginning, simply because it leaves my hair ultra soft and at the same time smells of pomegranate (yum!). 

VICHY Ideal Body Serum-milk
I am a sucker for firming lotions but it's really hard to see if they work after using them only once. That's why I don't really get the sense of most beauty samples. However this lotion is "paraben free" and smells and feels really good. Thus a reason to give the original size product a try anyway. 

LUSH Prince Charming Shower Gel
You might remember this shower gel from the Lush Valentine's collection and the Prince Charming was definitely one of my favourites as it smells of pomegranate and candyfloss! Do I have to say more? 


  1. lovely reviews...I'm never quite sure do the firming lotions have any effect either....I guess that is why I never tried one, but I guess it must take time for results to be visible.

    I'm a bit surprised to read that balea conditions could leave marks on clothes..anyhow, I don't use a conditioner because my hair doesn't need it...but I love Balea coconut body lotion! I've been buying it for years, it's my fav body lotion out there.


    1. I'm sure you don't need firming lotions anyway but if you want to try one you should go for the Garnier BodyTonic! I love it and awesome results get visible after one week :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your review on these products! I am always looking for fabulous beauty care products and I don't want to waste my money without knowing they are good. That cleansing milk sounds great and I really like that you say it is gentle on skin as that is important to me. I love Lush products and I would love to try this body wash as I love pomegranates! Thanks for the suggestions!


  3. I am really curious about the VICHY Ideal Body milk! I really love the Ideal range so I hope this is going to be a good one.

  4. Nice products, love garnier.


  5. Pomegranate and fairy floss! Swoon! I'm actually rather lazy when it comes to removing make up too. I use those wipes on most days lol. I do cleanse afterwards but I know I should be using something more.


  6. Hmm das Prince Charming Shower Gel hört sich traumhaft an! Schade, ich habe das wohl in der LE verpasst ....

    Schönes Wochenende dir!


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