50 Outfit Shooting Locations To Try This Summer

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As soon as you stop taking your outfit pictures inside the house with your tripod (come on, we all did it...) you will enjoy looking for the ultimate outfit shooting location. The more creative the location and the better it matches your outfit, the more satisfied you will be with the pictures (at least that's the case for me). I know it's really easy to just step outside and take these pics in the yard of your home, but especially in summer there are so many gorgeous places you can discover while trying to get the ultimate outfit shot. And as you'll probably wear different styles, you can also go for different locations that complement your look. How about a graffiti wall for the urban style or a field of flowers for the romantic outfit? Needless to say I haven't explored all of these 50 locations yet, how about you?

1. In front of a lighthouse or if you have the possibility on the stairs or even on top!
2. Outside of a church, my go to place when I need shadow as there will always be a side with good light.
3. At the beach, obviously.
4. Inside a hip coffee shop, an awesome option for bad weather days.
5. In your garden, or the garden of someone else if it's fancier than yours.
6. At a museum, either in the exhibition hall or the pretty entrance hall.
7. In a city park.
8. At a train station for a more urban look. Make sure to get the rails on the picture but for God's sake don't step on them!
9. In a blooming alley. Time is over now but you can already look for suited places for next spring!
10. In a shopping street, a good option if you want to have some people in the background.
11. Besides a monument. And no, it doesn't always have to be the Eiffel Tower.
12. In front of a coloured wall that matches or contrasts your outfit. Or a wall with graffiti for the urban look.
13. On the stairs of a house or building (both inside and outside).
14. In front of the townhall, mostly the prettiest building in town.
15. On a factory site to contrast a girly look or to complement an androgynous look.
16. In front of a brick house. Belgium here I come!
17. In the room or reception of an elegant hotel.
18. Besides an expensive car - or a (yellow) taxi.
19. My favourite: At a swimming pool!
20. In a forest (if you like it green).
21. On a carousel or any other place of a funfair.
22. On a playground (ideal place to shoot that fun playsuit!)
23. At a theme park! (Did I hear Disney?)
24. On a tennis court, you wouldn't believe how many magazines did this before.
25. In the entryway of a house. Pretty doors for the win!
26. In front of your garage.
27. At a car repair shop (which may either look Rihanna-Shut-Up-And-Drive-cool or calendar-girl-cheap...).
28. In a field of flowers (ideally lavender).
29. On the terrace of a café, preferably in Paris...
30. In front of an ice cream van or parlour for a pastel explosion.
31. In a shopping mall (for example on the escalators).
32. In the yard of a castle
33. At an old cinema, either outside to catch the movie banners, in the entrance area for some popcorn fun, or in the cinema hall for a deep red background. 
34. On the balcony of a hotel (or of your house if you have a nice view). 
35. Inside or outside a circus tent.
36. In the desert, if by any chance you come across one...
37. In an empty room of your house. Pretty wallpaper for the win!
38. In a clothing store.
39. In the living room of your friend's awesome house.
40. On the rooftop of a building.
41. In a car park.
42. On a festival ground for major boho vibes.
43. On a boat.
44. By the lake.
45. In front of a flower shop.
46. On a market (food, flowers, antiquities - whatever matches your look).
47. On a farm or willow.
48. At the gym.
49. Any building that has pretty pillars
50. And the classic: Just anywhere in the city.

creative outfit shooting locations bloggers summer
sources 1, 2, 3, 4

Can you think of more locations or where do you usually shoot your outfit pictures? Let me know in the comments or tweet to @Carmen_CandC. If we get enough suggestions I could make a second part to this post!


  1. Nice ideas!


  2. thanks for these tips.


  3. vielen Dank für diesen tollen Post,
    ich habe mir die Liste gleich mal zur Sicherheit ausgedruckt, das war wirklich sehr hilfreich für mich,
    wünsche dir noch ne tolle Woche,
    liebe Grüße,

    1. Ach wie cool, das freut mich sehr, dass die Liste so hilfreich ist! :)

  4. Really good inspiration! I'm gonna print this list...hahahaa :-D I already shot at some of your listed locations. I also did a shooting on a bridge which was kind of difficult because of the windy weather but the pics are nice. ;-)

    Sara from missesviolet

    1. I'm glad it was helpful! The wind is indeed my biggest problem in all open air shooting locations here in Luxembourg xD

  5. Ah this is just the outfit post one needs when out of inspiration on where to shoot, which also happens to me! Lovely post! xx


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