13 Tips for a Neater Closet

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It feels like the more clothes I store in my closet, the less I have to wear. I have this urge to get rid of everything and just keep about 20 staples I know I will be wearing over and over again. But I can't do it. Even if I wouldn't think about the money there is still this feeling that tells me that after all there might come a day when I will need exactly that piece of clothing. But we all know that this day will never come. Or is there really one day that asks for an animal print playsuit, a striped blazer or a sequin skirt? Probably not. I'm dreaming of doing a closet sale at my house so that people can come and just shop it all away so that I can start over new. But that is not going to happen. So what can I (and you if you're in the same situation) do to feel a bit better about our closets again?

1. Out with everything that doesn't fit anymore, no matter if it's too large or too small and no matter if you're currently on a diet or not.
2. Out with everything that doesn't make you feel comfortable even though it may be your size. You're not gonna wear or you're not gonna feel good about it, so why keep it?
3. Out with everything that you haven't worn the last 12 months, be it just something you keep to one day wear at home, in bed or at the gym.
4. Store your clothes seasonally and put everything away that you won't be wearing for the next 6 months. A neat closet is first and foremost a closet with enough space.
5. Organise your clothes by colours. Like this your closet looks tidier and you'll immediately find the piece you're looking for.
6. Buy matching hangers so all clothes hang at the same height.
7. Display your prettiest clothes on a rack which saves you space in your closet and doubles as a nice decoration.
8. Store smaller bags inside larger bags, like this your large bags don't bulge and your small bags don't get dusty (and you save space of course).
9. Store your shoes in matching boxes. It may take a little more space, but it will look cleaner. If you're worried of not finding back the shoes your looking for, put a picture of every pair on the belonging box.
10. When shopping, follow the one in, one out rule. For every new piece you buy, you've gotta get rid of one that's already in your closet.
11. If you're super tired of your actual wardrobe then only keep the basics that you're sure to wear at least once a week and make use of the next point:
12. Don't buy more than 5 new pieces for each fashion season (that makes 10 a year!). This may sound hard to some of you but basically it's all you need to stay up to date with fashion and it will save you from mispurchases. The following point will help you to find out what you actually need and what you already have:
13. Clear out your closet every three months. Like this you'll see what your closet is missing and you'll be sure to maintain a neat closet all year round. 
Feel free to add your best closet advice to this list!

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  1. Those were some really great advices Carmen! I should definitely reorganize my closet as there are things I haven't worn since I was a teen! :D


  2. Nice tips, thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks for the advice. I "clean" my wardrobe every new season, but it is difficult … as you say: "there might come the day …"


  4. Love this article, I was thinking about writing something similar before Summer ;)


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