Beauty Empties: May

BALEA Braun Spülung (brown hair conditioner)
This conditioner smells of hair dye and the packaging says that you should avoid contact with textiles, which makes me think that it might actually contain a bit of dye. And still I didn't see any results after using it. If you want shiny brown hair I can rather recommend the Garnier Ultra Doux Henné Mûre (not available in every country though).


Outfit: Little Blue Dress (& Self-Awareness Talk)

lbd trench coat sophisticated summer evening outfit

There are quite a few things which I would love to say about this outfit. Like how I found the dress at Monoprix, or how I think these sandals go so well with it, or how this background looks like on a Mediterranean island even though it's in my boyfriend's hometown. However today I feel like I have a more important matter that needs to be approached.


Tried and Tested: Glov Hydro Demaquillage

Guys are you ready for a makeup-removing-revolution? Stop comparing lotions, emulsions and waters - this wonder weapon doesn't come in a bottle but in a carton. Okay let's start at the beginning, shall we? I've been recommended the Glov Hydro Demaquillage by a friend who got it in a goodie bag (see that's what goodie bags are for!) and I've wanted to try it since then. The only seller in Luxembourg is Monoprix so I was really lucky to win a Monoprix voucher recently and I added this product to my wish list. Yesterday I could finally give it a try and it really exceeded my expectations.


Recipe: Strawberry Ice Tea Cocktail (alcohol-free)

homemade fizzy strawberry ice tea cocktail

Summer is approaching, so it's time to choose on a pretty bikini and book our beach vacation. However who says that you've got to go abroad to enjoy hot summer nights and refreshing cocktails? This summer be your own bartender and try this sparkling strawberry ice tea cocktail I've only just created for you!


50 Outfit Shooting Locations To Try This Summer

outfit shooting locations summer bloggers
sources 1, 2, 3, 4

As soon as you stop taking your outfit pictures inside the house with your tripod (come on, we all did it...) you will enjoy looking for the ultimate outfit shooting location. The more creative the location and the better it matches your outfit, the more satisfied you will be with the pictures (at least that's the case for me). I know it's really easy to just step outside and take these pics in the yard of your home, but especially in summer there are so many gorgeous places you can discover while trying to get the ultimate outfit shot. And as you'll probably wear different styles, you can also go for different locations that complement your look. How about a graffiti wall for the urban style or a field of flowers for the romantic outfit? Needless to say I haven't explored all of these 50 locations yet, how about you?


Outfit: Casual Denim

denim all over casual look birkenstock

Yesterday my sister and I went to Lëtz Go Local, a market for Luxembourgish brands. And even though I knew all of the fashion brands before, I was once again overwhelmed by their amazing designs! I'm planning to introduce you to all of them, either by making interviews with the designers, or in a roundup post about Luxembourgish fashion. What would you be interested in reading? The market takes place at the Grand Théâtre in Luxembourg city, a really magical building that I've always wanted to use as a photo shooting background. Yesterday I simply wore a casual outfit with denim on denim and it was the first time for this year, that I took out my good old Birkenstock Gizeh sandals. What are you guys up to on this long weekend?


Prettiest Sports Bras and How To Find The Right One

pretty sports bras find right one
from top left to down right:
triaction by TRIUMPH via Zalando // ODLO via Zalando // Stellasport by ADIDAS
BLACK RUN via Zalando // ADIDAS via Zalando // YAS via Zalando
BJÖRN BORG // NIKE via Zalando // H&M
REEKBOK via Zalando // ESPRIT via Zalando // FALKE via Net-A-Porter

A few days ago I was able to have a look at the new Björn Borg sports bra collection. First of all I didn't even know BB does women's underwear and secondly it was love at first sight. Is it just me or are sports bras prettier and sexier than most other bras (except transparent lace bras of course)? I guess spring is the season when most of us invest in new sports wear so I thought I'd show you my favourite sports bras that are currently available in stores. I admit choosing isn't easy but let's not forget that buying a sports bra isn't just about the look:


Rituals Mandi Lulur Limited Edition

Rituals Mandi Lulur summer limited edition

Have I ever talked to you about Rituals? It's a beauty shop with the philosophy to turn our daily beauty routines into rituals. Doesn't that sound good and relaxing? In fact I've got to know Rituals in Germany but they opened their first store in Luxembourg some months ago as well. The only reason why I haven't made a post about their great range before, is that my student budget doesn't allow me to buy their products as often as I would like to. However I have really been lusting after one of their scrubs, which I now got together with other products from their summer limited edition...


Outfit: Urban Jungle

urban setting outfit white green tropical print

Today's look is pretty much contrasting with my latest outfit post but if you've followed my style for a while, you know that I just feel better in pants. Not because they would cover more of my body, but rather because it turned out that I'm not the romantic dresser at all. I like it clean and simple, but always with a special twist, like this tropical print blazer. Also didn't I promise that you would get to see these white pants a lot this summer? I hope you aren't tired of them because I'm sure I will come up with quite a few other ways of combining them...


H&M: New Beauty Range & Next Designer Collaboration

H&M beauty range launch autumn 2015

The beauty range at & Other Stories has been able to convince beauty lovers all over the world so now that H&M has announced that they will be releasing a beauty range this autumn, I'm asking myself if the H&M group will do an equally good job with the products for its flagship. Besides from the cosmetics which you can see here, there will also be hair care, body care and beauty tools available in over 900 H&M stores worldwide. This new range will replace the existing beauty products at H&M, which I don't think many people will regret as, let's be honest, the beauty selection at H&M was pretty moderate so far. Furthermore there will be seasonal limited editions and a premium beauty line, but the cherry on the cake will probably be the planned conscious range of Ecocert-approved sustainable products. Besides from my curiosity to try some of the products, I'm also really eager to see the beauty areas they will set up for the products in stores. Lately I had the feeling that most H&M stores weren't really on top when it comes to interior decoration, so this new range may be a good opportunity to give the stores a more modern look and feeling with the pretty packagings of the products.


OOTD: Spring Garden

romantic spring look blooming garden

So there we are having this wonderful old blooming apple tree standing in our garden and the weather has been quite good these days as well. Unfortunately during the week it's always hard for me to find a photographer to take my outfit pictures and so I had to watch one golden hour go by after the other and I was always home alone when the light was so perfect. Yesterday however my boyfriend hurried up to come home from work and so we caught just the right moment to take these pictures together. I don't know for how long we've been standing outside and my bare feet got quite cold after a while but the result is worth it, don't you think?


Step Up Your Blogging Game

take your blog to the next level step up your blogging game

Writing a blog is not something you master right from the beginning. You may have advanced writing or photography skills thanks to your studies or you may be great at social media thanks to your job, but hardly anybody has it all right from the beginning. It all comes together over time and step by step and no matter at which point of your blogging career you are, whether you only just started or you're already earning money with your blog, there is always a possibility to improve and take your blog to the next level. 


Lush Mother's Day Range

Some of you may be a little confused by this post as Mother's Day is over, right? But not in all countries of the world. Here in Luxembourg for example, Mother's Day is always on the second Sunday of June, thus one month from now. That's why it was only yesterday that I was invited to our local Lush store for a blog party and a presentation of the Mother's Day range.


What's In My Shower

I've been talking about so many beauty products on this blog: My makeup routine, my face routine, my hair routine, my skin care routine,... but never did I mention the products I use in the shower. Let's catch up on this today, shall we?


Blog Relaunch!

blog spring relaunch

Guys, I couldn't be more excited! Something big is happening today and I can't wait to share it with you! Unless you're reading the mobile version of my blog, you will already have seen it: Clothes and Camera got a whole new design!


OOTD: Light

white pants denim shirt outfit luxembourg fashion blogger

One of the prettiest seasons of the year, is definitely the tree blooming period. Unfortunately it is over in no time and I was concerned that I would have missed out on it to take pictures this year. Luckily enough I discovered a path of trees in full bloom, right in my hometown! I mean I would have preferred an alley with trees on both sides and way less green around it, but you can't have it all, right? In order to leave the colourful part to the background, I wore a really light outfit for which I combined my beloved white pants with a denim shirt and the metallic kitten heels I got at the FBC a few months ago. Also I couldn't resist to add this cool tassel accessory to my bag, which was inside the Karen Millen goodie bag.


Karen Millen Store Opening & Fashion Show

Karen Millen store opening Luxembourg city

In fashion business there are some events that are worth attending, and some that you can swap for a relaxed evening in front of TV. The Karen Millen inauguration in Luxembourg city this Wednesday, was definitely one of those store openings that offer more than drinks and music and so I was really glad I got an invitation from Janette magazine to attend the event. 


13 Tips for a Neater Closet

white clothing rack detail picture

It feels like the more clothes I store in my closet, the less I have to wear. I have this urge to get rid of everything and just keep about 20 staples I know I will be wearing over and over again. But I can't do it. Even if I wouldn't think about the money there is still this feeling that tells me that after all there might come a day when I will need exactly that piece of clothing. But we all know that this day will never come. Or is there really one day that asks for an animal print playsuit, a striped blazer or a sequin skirt? Probably not. I'm dreaming of doing a closet sale at my house so that people can come and just shop it all away so that I can start over new. But that is not going to happen. So what can I (and you if you're in the same situation) do to feel a bit better about our closets again?


Yves Rocher Novelties

Yves Rocher summer 2015 beauty novelties nail polish lip crayons

Lately I've been getting one Yves Rocher press release after the other and it seems like there is something going on in the otherwise quite stable range of the French beauty brand. What's new and when can you get your hands on the products? Find out now...


Iconosquare: Celebrate the Return of Instagram Analytics

iPhone 6 Instagram feed

When not so long ago Iconosquare announced that they would do some changes to their web page and that most of the awesome features wouldn't be for free anymore, I was quite disappointed and desperate. Just as I love checking my Instagram feed regularly, I also became quite addicted to checking my Instagram stats from time to time. Luckily enough the good old version of Iconosquare has been back since yesterday! So let's celebrate by checking out some of the great features Iconosquare can offer Instagram addicts and professionals:


Monthly Must Haves: May

must have spring/summer 2015 trends

black blouse - H&M, fringe skirt - MANGO, sleeveless trench coat - H&M, white blouse - ZARA, perforated skirt - H&M, sandals - ZARA

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