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I have been suffering from acne and blemished skin since I was a teen and even though it got a lot better since the end of puberty, my skin is still far from perfect nowadays. That's why I often change my skin care routine, in the hope to finally find that one product that will help me out and change my skin forever. When I was contacted by Paula's Choice, a brand that works with BHA and AHA exfoliants, I really couldn't say no to giving their products a try. In order to find out what BHA and AHA means, and whether the products worked for me or not, just keep on reading...

Paula's Choice

Maybe let's start off with a few words about Paula's Choice. The company has been founded by Paula Begoun who is known for her critical bestsellers about the cosmetics industry in the US. After lots of research and looking for the right products for her own skin, she founded Paula's Choice with the mission to take extra care of the ingredients used for the products. That means Paula's Choice products only contain ingredients that are proven to be beneficial for the skin and the products come without irritant ingredients like alcohol, perfume or scents. Furthermore they are cruelty-free.

BHA and AHA exfoliators

BHA stands for beta hydroxy acid and AHA stands for alpha hydroxy acid. That means that the Paula's Choice exfoliants don't work like a scrub, but they remove dead skin cells and do all the other magic stuff with the help of acids. In fact rubbing can do damage to the skin and worsen your skin situation if you have blemished skin, which is not the case for acid exfoliants. The difference between BHA and AHA is that the first one is used for greasy, acne-prone skin, whereas the second one is suitable for dry skin.

Clear Regular Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution with 2% Salicylic Acid

The first product I got to try is the BHA exfoliant. After washing my skin I had to apply it with a cotton pad in the morning and evening, without removing it afterwards. First that felt a bit strange, applying acid twice a day without removing it with water, and so my biggest fear was that my skin would become all dry or irritated. I have now been using the exfoliant for one month and my fear was totally unfounded.

Clear Ultra-Light Daily Mattifying Fluid SPF 30+

We all know that sunscreen is important to prevent our skin from ageing too quickly but apparently it is also important to allow spots to heal. Together with the acid exfoliant this moisturiser promises perfect everyday sun protection and in fact most of the contained ingredients work as sunscreen. Apart from that it also contains natural ingredients like grape seed extract, green tea leaf extract or pomegranate extract.

My opinion about the products

Exfoliant: The product was super gentle to my skin and made it indeed look purer. Also I felt like it slightly diminished my blackheads. Unfortunately it couldn't prevent new blemishes and didn't change anything about my whiteheads. Also the greasiness of my skin stayed about the same. The healing process of blemishes might though have become a little quicker.
Moisturiser: The moisturiser is really liquid and thus feels super light on the skin and is also surprisingly easy to dose. It really feels good to know you skin is protected against the sun every single day and even though the moisturiser totally smells like sunscreen, it is less greasy and more pleasant to apply. 


Even though the products didn't make any major visible changes to my skin, I have a really good feeling about them and I would like to try adding a Paula's Choice cleanser and night cream to my routine. The products are of course more expensive than my regular skin care products, but therefor I can be sure about the ingredients.


Paula Begoun, the founder of Paula's Choice, was really eager to develop her own skincare products without nasty ingredients, but she and her team also continued analysing existing products and so they initiated Beautypedia, where you can find many reviews of the latest beauty products.

P.S.: To find out more about treating acne with Paula's Choice products, you should also have a look at the article 'Best Acne Treatment Reviews of 2016'!

(Disclaimer: These 2 skincare products have kindly been sponsored by Paula's Choice Germany)


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