Time Machine - Post Roundup II

April is almost over and it feels like time is flying! Maybe because I had so much fun this month: A visit to Maastricht, Easter, dinner with friends, spending lots of time with my boyfriend, the Njörd event with the bloggers,... However in this post I don't want to review what has happened this month, but take a look at what I have been blogging about exactly one year ago, thus in April 2014. Ready for a tour through the archives?

Nip+Fab review

Tried and Tested: Nip+Fab

One of the beauty reviews I wrote last year, was about these Nip+Fab products which I had ordered at Asos. I still love to use the "Post Workout Fix" nowadays as it really helps prevent muscle ache. My gym instructor was a bit over-motivated last week, but thanks to this product I didn't feel anything about it the days after the workout!

OOTD bow skirt

OOTD: Bow Skirt

In my favourite outfit post of April 2014, I've been wearing a cute bow skirt and my beloved white blazer. The pictures have been taken by Kristiana and it was the first time that I met her and Anne-Shopie as we went to a party at a local store together. It is really crazy how many people I've met just last year and I'm so grateful for that!

Maastricht gemeinde platz

Shopping in Maastricht

Just like this year, I also went to Maastricht in April last year. The city is just wonderful around spring time and in my post I'm explaining why I love the city so much, and why it's gorgeous for a shopping spree. 

Kartoffel spinat mozzarella überbacken

Cooking Made Easy: Potato-Sprinach-Mozzarella Casserole

A long title but a really yummy dish: Potatoes and spinach gratinated with Mozzarella cheese. I really can't believe I didn't manage to cook it a second time! Maybe you're less lazy than I am and gave it a try back then, or will do so now...

Birkenstock gizeh schwarz lack

The Birkenstock Hype

They were oh so popular last summer: Birkenstock sandals. This year I haven't heard or seen much of them yet, which I think is a shame as I still like them a lot. If you want to know more about why they ever became so popular, you may want to read this interview with a Birkenstock expert. 


  1. hi carmen..very nice pics...
    i like your birkenstock and nail polish

  2. I remember the Birkenstock hype but I never got any. I might still get some though at some point.


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