Things I Swore I Would Never Wear...

"Omg I would never wear this!" is a really common reaction to most controversial new trends. While it were Birkenstocks some seasons ago, we're now discussing about whether flared jeans are really going to make their comeback or not. But new trends are just like pop stars, no matter how bad they are, in the end almost everybody will listen to their songs. So I guess I'm not the only one whose initial defensive attitude towards new trends, often changes into acceptance or even adoration in the end. For today's post I picked out 7 fashion items that I found really ugly at some point in my life, but then ended up wearing or even adoring nevertheless.

1. Flared Jeans
Flared jeans and I have a long story. Like about every women in my age, I have already been rocking them in my teens. Nevertheless I swore myself I would never wear a pair of flared jeans again when I got my first skinny jeans. I still think that skinny jeans are the better choice and that the flared ones won't be taking over the world again, but combined with heels and a blazer, they're definitely a fashion statement. And the good part about this trend: I didn't have to spend money on it as I still had a pair left from back then...

2. Birkenstock Sandals
I've been knowing Birkenstock for years as my mum, who is a nurse, used to wear them at work. Just like everybody I thought they were pretty ugly but funnily enough I've been having my pair for more than 5 years. Still I couldn't really imagine wearing them in the streets until more and more bloggers did so and I simply got used to their look.

3. Pointed Shoes
I don't know why but I used to adore shoes with a round tip so the idea of pointed shoes seemed absolutely horrible to me. They were always a sign of cheapness and being over the top. Until fashionistas starting wearing their elegant pointed nude heels with skinny jeans, looking absolutely gorgeous. This year I already got myself 3 pairs of pointed shoes...

4. Longchamp Pliage
The Longchamp Pliage was really hyped when I was at high school and quickly it became the trademark of the rich bitches. When I saw that EVERYBODY started getting one I was really glad not to be among them. Years later when I went to university I found out that they have quite an ideal size after all so I got myself one. By now I kinda regret it though, as it has no divisions whatsoever which makes it just an elegant jute sack...

5. Cut Out Boots
I really didn't get the sense behind these and I guess the first pairs on the market were indeed really ugly which is why I told myself not to follow this trend. Until I bought a cute pair in Italy which I'm wearing about every single day...

6. Silver Jewellery
All golden jewellery everything was my motto as a teen. Until I found out that fashion jewellery is trash and real silver jewellery way better to make a sophisticated statement.

7. Snakeskin Print
Snakeskin print bags and shoes used to be one of the ugliest accessories I could imagine. Until I found this snakeskin print Falabella dupe in a shiny blue shade!

So I guess the moral of this story is that perception is really subjective and can change over time so you should never say never! How about you? What are the trends you changed your mind about and is there something you will never wear, no matter how trendy it might get? Maybe even just as a matter of principle?


  1. I still have a love/hate relationship with most of the things that you mentioned on your list (snake skin print, cut out boots & flared jeans), but others, i have always loved.
    I wore Birkenstocks throughout high school and others laughed at me for wearing house slippers. The Longchamp Le Pliage was an obsession of my sister who is a few years younger and when I started university, I got one for my birthday. If you add in a base support (plastic, hard cardbord,...), the bag looks a million times better and more sophisticated.
    As for flared jeans, I would love to wear them, but I simply don't have the right knee/leg shape. Every pair that I have tried on so far looks wonky and off around the knee area. :(

    There are other things that I would never (never say never) wear or sport though. For example, leggings without covering my bum or crotch area... Most of the other no-gos for me are make-up related.


    1. So cool that you've been rocking Birkenstocks already back then! I wore mine a few times during my last years at Lycée and always felt comfy in them but they didn't have the same aesthetics somehow xD
      And thanks for the tip with the cardboard, I must try that! There are also such division bags to but inside your bag, mainly so you don't have to change your stuff from one bag into the other, but I'm not sure where to get a good one.
      As for the flared jeans I think they look best on really tall and skinny girls, which is why for me skinny jeans are still the best option for every body shape ;)

  2. I've nominated you for a blogger award :) http://thequeenisintown.blogspot.com/2015/04/creative-bloggers-award.html

  3. Great post!! I would never wear snakeskin print, birkenstock sandals, pointed shoes and cut out boots.

  4. Birkenstocks and pointed shoes have become more appealing to me since blogging! Never tried a pair though so not sure whether they'd suit me :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  5. Ech hun gester meng uraal waiss flared Jeans rem rausgekroopt an well ech jo oofgeholl hun passen ech suguer rem ran :D sen awer nach am debatteiren op ech se tatsächlech engker auserhalb fum Haus soll undoen oder net :)
    Meng Lonchamp'en hun ech sugudd wéi all verkaaft, opschon ech se emmer gaer hat. Ech hun just nach eng rieseg dei perfekt ass fier den Trajet Letz Bréissel, an déi gin ech och net sou séier hier.
    Birkenstocks, same same ;)
    Mee ech mengen lo fier d'Fréijoer an de Summer hun ech de Fringe Look nai endeckt, deen Boho Style seet mer wieklech zou dëst Joër

    x Claude

    1. Ech denken datt Flared Jeans dir wierklech gutt ginn an dass du se gutt géings kombinéieren, géif mech opjidefall interesséieren een Outfit mat Flared Jeans vun dir ze gesinn ;)
      Wat de Fringe Look ugeet sinn ech dës Saison och rem mega Fan! Bei Mango ass dëst Joer alles voll mat Boho Styles also wäert ech de Weekend mol dohi kucke goen ;)

  6. I never say never... trends, moods and opinions change, so I try to go with the flow. Re flared jeans; I love them! So happy that they are back in fashion!

  7. Bei dem meisten stimme ich dir zu. Ich würde wirklich nie mehr wieder Bootcut Jeans tragen, sie stehen wirklich absolut niemandem. Schlangenprint und Longchamp Taschen sind auch nicht wirklich meins. Gegen siberschmuck habe ich nichts einzuwenden, spitze Flats finde ich sogar ziemlich schön :)


  8. Still something in your list I would never wear myself - like Birkenstocks and cut-out boots - but for the rest I am always trying to be open. I think you should wear what it makes you feel comfortable and not just blindly following the fashion rules - I prefer to look fine than silly :)
    BTW the Longchamp one is my fav bag for trips. I have it in the XL size and it is a super travel bag. I would never consider to wear it in town, personally, because maybe I am too old for that :)


  9. I agree with almost everything on your list, haha! Especially when the 'ugly shoe' trend started I was like what?! :D



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