Snapchat: Good or Bad for Bloggers?

As with most digital trends, I also have a love/hate relationship with Snapchat. Just like in the beginning I thought that Facebook was absolutely useless, and just like I still think that Twitter is absolutely dispensable, I first thought of Snapchat that it was just for the younger generation aka teens in the age of my sister. I still remember myself saying about one year ago: "Okay, I'm definitely too old for this shit!". And I guess I wouldn't have changed my mind, if Snapchat wouldn't have taken over the world of blogging. Suddenly Instagram was full of "you can also find me on Snapchat now" messages and of course I was curious to see what my favourite bloggers where posting besides their pretty and polished Instagram pictures. So I signed up to the app, swearing that I would just use it to follow some bloggers and send my boyfriend a snap from time to time. Already the next day it was my boyfriend to detect: "You're a Snapchat-junkie!". Well I wouldn't go that far but it's true that I found some pleasure in checking out what my favourite bloggers are doing all day long and only on Monday I started publishing my first snaps as well. Why did I start doing it and why do I still think that Snapchat doesn't only have advantages? Read on to find out...

Snapchat's Advantages for Bloggers

Snapchat gets compared to Instagram all of the time for a good reason: At first Instagram was the app that allowed a little "behind the scenes" fun. Bloggers used it to share things that wouldn't make it on their blog, or which they just saw outside while heading to their next meeting. However things have changed and Instagram has turned into some kind of a high-class microblogging platform where edited snaps, pretty accounts and blog advertisement are predominant. In order for bloggers to share their food on Instagram it must look like fresh out of a food magazine and funny videos never really made it over there. So that's where snapchat comes in: It's back to the basics, you share what you want to and people don't give a shit about aesthetics, you can be yourself - without filters, and you can use it just to say hi and wish your followers a nice day. This does of course allow your followers to see the human side of you and it definitely makes a blogger more likeable when we can see that their home is a mess from time to time as well, or that they kill a whole bag of chips in a few minutes, just like we do. So I really have these blogger accounts where I can't wait for a new snap and that have made me realise: She is just a lovely girl next door that happens to have a great style and not a spoiled bitch!

Snapchat's Disadvantages for Bloggers

So as we see showing personality can be super good for a blogger's reputation but what when the tide is turning? When is your own personality too much for a follower? What if I thought you were a clever girl with an awesome style and a great business strategy and then I check out your Snapchat to see you draw penises on selfies with friends or to hear you talk about the most uninteresting shit during 10 snap videos? I mean nothing against a funny drawing or a life update from a blogger but Snapchat still isn't a personal diary but an app that's open to the public, even if every picture and video will be deleted after 24 hours.

So what's the conclusion? Should you be using Snapchat or not? I think that you definitely won't lose followers when you don't use it but if you think that you may appear a little cold or reserved on your blog, then it's a good idea to share bits of your life from time to time. However just like with everything that is related to your blog, you should keep in mind that as a blogger you're some kind of brand which needs to be consistent in order to be attractive.
Me for my part I'm gonna continue using Snapchat (find me under the username clothesncamera) as long as I think it's fun but I will not be going to make it my priority. I love that I can share things that wouldn't be "accepted" on Instagram but I am not willing to spend hours of my life with yet another app that gives me the feeling that I have to post something regularly.
What are your opinions on this app? Do you use it privately or to boost the popularity of your blog?


  1. I signed in for the snapchat, but gosh I don't understand how to use it and I struggle :)) I need some time to get used to this one and so far I'm not having that much fun :)))

  2. Added you! Mine is: luxessed. See ya!

  3. Ich habe es noch nicht ausprobiert. Ich möchte eigentlich nicht noch mehr Zeit mit Social Media verbringen. Ich kann mir vorstellen, das es süchtig macht :D und es kann auch nach hinten losgehen. Kayture Snapchat Videos auf IG finde ich persönlich total grauenhaft. Sie wirkt sehr albern und unsympathisch auf mich. Bin wahrscheinlich auch nicht die Zielgruppe ;-)


  4. Irgendwie werde ich mit Snapchat noch nicht so richtig warm, anfangs hab ich die App auch gar nicht verstanden :D

    Viele Grüße,
    Jules von today is ...

  5. i uninstalled because i don't really love taking video :p


  6. InStyle ist die beste Zeitschrift überhaupt... abgesehen davon, dass die gerne betonen, dass alles aus lamm-Fell und Leder ist, wie zum Beispiel bei den Marken Céline.
    In der heutigen Zeit gibt es doch eh kaum einen Unterschied zu Fake-fur :(

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