Shops That Have Disappointed Me

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Being a serial shopper for years, I've been to many stores and I've been wearing many different labels and as a digital native I also did quite a bit of online shopping. However not always did I get what I could have expected for my money. Be it quality, shipping or service, there was something wrong in all of these 5 pretty known shops...

Oh Zara, what am I to do with you? First of all like a fashion blogger you're kind of obligated to go to Zara regularly because whenever there's a new blogger it pieces, chances are 50/50 it's from Zara. And I really love their stuff! Whenever I see an outfit on a blog I'm naturally intrigued by all the Zara pieces. Unfortunately there are two "buts". First but: Zara doesn't like regular bodies. Most of their clothes are only available in S, M and L, maybe XL if you're really lucky. But as there are more regular girls out there than supermodels, XL will always be sold out. And eben in XL the sleeves of Zara clothes (especially blazers) are so tight that you won't even be able to bend your elbow. Sometimes however I'm lucky enough to find fitting clothes at Zara but after a short while I start wishing I didn't buy them because often the quality is so bad! I've had stuff from Primark that survived without holes longer than most of my Zara clothes. And have we already spoken about the prize you pay for that poor quality?! Oh wait, that's a third "but" already! I feel like as soon as I start checking out the new collections, there won't be a single piece for under 50€!

H&M online
I have been a H&M addict for years before I started ordering at H&M online by the time I moved to Germany. The reason? H&M doesn't ship to Luxembourg. I mean okay, Luxembourg isn't the biggest, nor the most important country in Europe, but meanwhile even the smallest shops have discovered that this country exists. I mean do they make that much money that they don't consider it important to ship to all of the countries where they also have stores? Well, be it but there are a few things about their online store that are much worse than the fact that they don't ship to my country. Namely the fact that they ask 5€ for the shipping, which then takes at least one week! Do they have their stock outside of Europe? I don't think so. I guess they either have it all in Sweden, or they have a stock in every country that does online selling. So how can Asos send me something for free within a few days from the UK, if H&M wants me to pay 5€ for something that only needs to travel the EU and still takes at least 7 days? I don't get it. What I also don't get is how the quality at the H&M stores is mostly acceptable while whenever I do online shopping I only get crap?

As you just read I'm satisfied with Asos' shipping conditions, but their quality is not exactly brilliant. Of course Asos sells many different brands, but I'm talking about their own label's clothes and accessories. First of all the stuff looks waaay better on the pictures than in real life. I've been ordering two bracelets, a dress and a top which all looked super cheap. One of the bracelets was tainted as well. Furthermore so far every clothing I ordered at Asos was way too large, even if I checked their size guide before ordering. I mean why do they have these charts if they don't apply? 

Ana Sousa
In fact I've only shopped at Ana Sousa once, which means I only own one piece from that shop. The shop assistants were really nice, helpful and flattering, but unfortunately the quality turned out to show a deficit. I bought a jumper at a reduced price which still cost 30 or 35 € and already after the first few hours of wearing it, it started to form these annoying pills. Of course there are materials that are inferior to others but why sell them in an otherwise acceptable store? 

Tommy Hilfiger
Sometimes a brand can have great clothes, great shops, quick and cheap shipping and still end up on such a list. Why? Because of the shop assistants. As soon as the price range goes over what students can afford on a monthly basis, the shop assistants start getting more and more arrogant. Of course this critique is really subjective and varies from store to store, but when I bought my Tommy Hilfiger shorts in their shop in Luxembourg last summer, I could see in the shop assistant's faces that they didn't think I would buy anything and that they weren't motivated to help me out. Of course their behavior slightly changed when they saw that I was actually going to buy something, but being and looking like a student, they didn't really want to have me in their shop. No problem guys, from now on I'll be ordering online if I should ever feel the urge to shop at Tommy Hilfiger again. 


  1. Nice post. xa

  2. Hi I totally agree with your thoughts of Zara. And even if you found your size, you can't be sure, that the next time you buy something in the same size, fits. An L is not always an L.

  3. I love Zara, but quality can definitely be an issue there. As for the other shops, I have given up on Asos... And your assessment of the Tommy Hilfiger store in Luxembourg city is absolutely spot on! They are very unfriendly there. However, I have to say that most other Hilfiger shops I went to in other cities have really great customer service. It is definitely the sales people in Luxembourg city that I have an issue with..


    1. Yeah I guess it's indeed partly a Luxembourgish problem as Anouk told me that it's the case for many shops in Lux city...

  4. I've got always the same problems. Actually I don't have any problems with the sizes at Zara, but the clothes still don't fit a "normal" body. I can't even say why exactly...it's like I should have more boobs or less boobs or it's wide at my waist but not enough for my butt or the other way round. It's annoying!
    Once I ordered many different things at Topshop (I always compare it with Asos) and EVERYTHING looked so cheap. You can have the same clothes at New Yorker, Telly Waijl and so on for a third of the Topshop price.

    And there's one point I don't agree. I love to order at H&M. Yes, I know, the shipping fees are a stupid annoying thing. But after years I know what kind of cloth could be in a bad quality oder in a strange form at this shop. Really, you can learn it, I promise that! Now I know what is worth to order or not. Of course I don't like everything, but most of the stuff I order there is okay and I can wear it for a long time without holes or anything else.


  5. Was für ein interessanter Post, ich habe noch nie bei Asos bestellt, falls ich das mal machen sollte, werde ich drauf achten. Ich bestelle auch oft bei H&M online und finde die 5 Euro für so eine lange Wartezeit auch eine Frechheit. Ich warte da oft sogar länger als ne Woche wenn was nicht auf Lager ist, kann bis zu 1 Monat dauern, bis die das endlich schicken, finde die Versandkosten auch zu hoch.
    Wünsch dir noch einen guten Start in die Woche!
    Liebe Grüße,

  6. Danke für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog. Den Augenbrauenstift solltest du wirklich mal ausprobieren!

    Das ist ein wirklich guter Post. Ich persönlich kaufe selten in einem der von dir genannten Shops ein. Zum einen, finde ich Zara viel zu teuer für die recht magere Qualität. Die Sachen passen mir zwar alle, aber nach dem Skandal, die Klamotten würden mit krebserregenden Farbstoffen eingefärbt werden, ist Zara für mich eindeutig gestorben, auch wenn immer ein Hype um die Sachen dort gemacht wird.
    Bei H&M bestelle ich sowieso nicht, da ich dort mit den Größen nicht klar komme und man nie weiß, in welcher Qualität die Sachen bei einem ankommen.
    Das Verkäuferverhalten im Tommy Hilfiger finde ich auch unter aller Sau!

    Am liebsten kaufe ich bei Esprit/edc, Peek & Cloppenburg, Tamaris und Otto ein. Da gibt es ganz sicher keine bösen Überraschungen und man weiß, dass man für gute Qualität zahlt :)


    1. Stimmt, mit Otto habe ich bisher auch nur gute Erfahrungen gemacht aber nach Luxemburg liefern die leider auch nicht :(


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