Prettify your Instagram Feed

Posting pretty pictures on you Instagram account may be enough to keep your existing followers, but if you want to gain new followers you should also pay attention to maintaining a pretty and neat feed that represents your photography style. It may not always be easy to stick to a scheme when you just take pictures of everything you like, but with these tips you'll be able to post almost what you want, all while keeping your feed coherent.

1. Use the same filter(s)

Using the same filter or maybe even filters (because one probably won't work with all of your pics) may give your feed a more harmonious look as all the pictures will have something in common. I already did a post on how I edit my Instagram pictures in which I shared the app PS Express and on my recent Instagram pictures I've constantly been using two filters from that app. I would however suggest to use a filter that leaves the pics as natural as possible. When I started using Instagram I put the Valencia filter on almost all of my pictures but after a while I noticed that it really didn't work with most of them. 

2. Use the same background

Obviously it won't be possible (nor even interesting) to use the very same backdrop over and over again, but it makes a huge change to your feed if you stick to one shade when it comes to the background of your pictures. At first I tried to stick with white but I don't live in a picture perfect all white house and also the places I visit aren't all styled in what you would call clean chic. Therefor I decided that beige or ecru will be a way more realistic shade to stick with, as it also includes light wood which seems to be oh so popular in Luxembourg. Example: @masheckla_ch

3. Find your photography style

You may take pictures of very different things and still make your own photography style shine through. Maybe it's the same angle like always taking food pictures from above. Example: @thelovecatsinc

4. Use a leitmotif

This goes together with point 3 and will also allow your followers to recognise your pictures immediately. The leitmotif can be a colour, some font in your pictures, an item you add to many pictures or the same composition in every picture. Example: @thepinkdiary (flowers and flatlays)

5. Work with quotes

If you want to systematise your Instagram feed or easily add a dominant colour, you can work with quote pictures which you add between your other pictures regularly. Choose the same font and background colour for all of them to make your feed look neat and creative. Example: @daniele_mirabelle

6. Only take pictures at daylight

Some of my least fitting (and least liked) pictures were taken under bad lighting conditions. Even your usual filters will look different on darker pictures so try to avoid them for a neat feed. 

7. Turn down the saturation

A trick which I have never used because I like high saturation, but which I've seen on many Instagram accounts. It's a good method to make a feed with unmatched pictures still look clean. Especially Instagrammers who try to keep their feed black and white use this trick to include colourful pictures here and there. Examples: @letsgrabacuppa @feingemacht

8. Stay away from red

There are just a few colours that are too bold to go with the rest. For me that's definitely red. I really hate it as a background and those pictures I wish I had never posted mostly contain lots of red shades.  If you need to post something red, try to apply the saturation trick above!

9. Scale up the brightness

Bright pictures are the most popular so try to achieve the same brightness level for all of your shots. This is particularly important when you use the same background for all of your pics. Example: @lindseyherzog

10. Unify the frame

You know I'm not a huge fan of the white Instagram frame but when you wanna use it, make sure to use it on all of your pictures or at least on every second. Example: @zukkerme

11. Post things you enjoy

I tried to get my Instagram feed super clean and tidy for a short while, but I noticed that the only things I could post in the end, were flatlays shot on the ever same background. Soon my feed started feeling foreign even to me and it didn't have anything of my personality anymore. So I started posting what I enjoyed again and even though I still pay attention to the aspects mentioned above, I won't keep myself from posting a cute picture just because it doesn't fit the colour scheme. 


  1. hi carmen, so interesting post..thanks for sharing these tips

  2. Very interesting tips! Great post!

  3. Suuuuper Tipps :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  4. So basically I understood after that my IG is totally wrong :P


    1. Oh I don't think there is any right or wrong as long as it's fun ;)

  5. I kind of feel like everyone sticks to the same "rules" on IG, which makes it extremely boring. I avoid flatlay accounts like the plague.. I think the key to a good instagram profile is not showing your belongings and flowers on a clean floor, but portraying your lifestyle and adventures to the world. It's fun to follow people's adventures and also see what they wear on the way. Flat lay and all this stuff screams like no personality to me, unfortunately. I agree that it's somewhat important to have a harmonious feed, but it's even more important to post things you enjoy, as you said


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