Pochette de Janette April

pochette de janette avril

The latest Pochette de Janette is out and lucky me got it sent home. Shall we discover it together?

pochette de janette beauté

This hair mask comes with the most exclusive ingredients a beauty product could possibly contain, among them micronized 24k gold, caviar, imperial orchid and organic argan oil. I'm pretty curious to see what it does to my hair and I will of course keep you updated on the effects.

dermalogica luxembourg pochette de janette

FABY Nail Lacquer "Plastic Jewels and Neon Lights"
I just checked out the Faby nail lacquer range and I totally fell in love with some of their shades, I mean just look at these brown nail polishes! The brand also has a "nature" collection with nail polishes that contain 87% natural ingredients. So I'm glad that the Pochette made me discover this brand which I will look out for in Maastricht this weekend. Unfortunately teal is one of those shades I really never wear...

I've discovered Dermalogica at the Lady Panoplie event and still have the samples which I haven't been able to try yet. I'll probably indeed keep the kit for a weekend getaway as I'm currently reviewing some other face care products. 

bijoux de peau

EMMA CARGILL "dream" bracelet
Another brand I didn't know but has some pretty lovely jewellery which isn't even too expensive! Wouldn't these earrings be perfect for summer? Only downer: They seem to only ship to France so far.

How did Janette know I have a weakness for dotted socks? And how did Janette know I never buy new socks myself?

L'ORFÉA Skin Jewels
I've been getting so many fake tattoos and similar stuff lately, that I will be able to decorate my skin all summer long. I immediately applied a glitter star to my wrist and I must admit that it's pretty cute and fun. Unfortunately it didn't survive the first night and shower. 

All in all this Pochette wasn't the best so far but didn't disappoint me either. In fact I thought that the design of the bag was the cutest so far! How did you like this month's Pochette de Janette? You aren't subscribed to it yet? Quickly do so here!

(Disclaimer: This Pochette has kindly been sponsored by Janette Magazine.)


  1. Ooh I've never heard of this before. It looks so good though. I love the dainty bracelet - will definitely be checking it out!


  2. So many gorgeous goodies! If you get the chance you need try the Dermalogica products - absolutely love them!

    Laiyin || THESTYLECIRCUS.net


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