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Maastricht shopping haul Mango Zara

You probably already saw it on my social media accounts: I went a little crazy while shopping in Maastricht. Funnily enough I only bought items that have either been on my wish list for ages, or stuff I will probably be wearing like every week. As you can see my crush for blue shades of all kinds isn't over and also my favourite colour combination for summer, blue and white, will be making its comeback. If you attentively read my blog last weekend, you may be wondering about that Zara bag in the picture above... Yes I admit that I went shopping there again, even though Zara and I surely have a love-hate relationship.

Zara tunic blouse blue white

Zara tunic - 39,95€
When it comes to tunics I must admit that Zara always has the best selection and so I've been trying on red/orange tunics at Zara for the last 3 years, every time around summer. This year I finally found one that was available in my size and it turned out to be blue and white - even better!

Zara sale knit cardigan

 Zara knit cardigan - 39,95€ 19,97€
Cardigans are definitely my life savers at university or on uninspired weekend days and so I can never have too many of them. This one feels super cosy and is currently available in the Zara sale.

mango baby blue trench coat

 Mango trench coat - 89,99€
Oh holy trench coat, how could I survive without you? I must admit that I jumped on the trench coat bandwagon quite late and only got my first one around 2 years ago. As I had lost a bit weight since then it turned out to be too large and so I needed a new one. In fact I wanted one that was as classy as possible but then I fell in love with this - surprise, surprise - blue beauty. You will probably see it on my outfit pictures all spring and summer long, hope you don't mind!

Mango white pants

Mango white pants - 29,99€
About the same story as with the trench coat. Can you believe how freaking hard it is to find the perfect pair of white jeans? This one is beyond comfortable and made of this strange material that looks like some kind of leather.

Mango linen sweater

Mango linen jumper - 29,99€
I totally fell in love with these delicate jumpers last year so I was super happy to find this pretty and cosy 100% linen one at Mango! If you can find one in a neutral shade I recommend you to make this little investment as you'll be wearing it over and over again!

mango tweed style blue jacket blazer

Mango blazer - 44,99€
Can we ever have enough elegant jackets and blazers? I love anything that has this tweed-look and guess what? It's blue as well...

I must say that I'm super happy with my purchases and I immediately wore the pants, jumper and trench coat together for my first day of university after the Easter break. Also I'm super pleased with the current collections at Mango and I was overwhelmed to see many fringes and pretty brown shades when I went to the shop in Luxembourg city last week. Maybe Mango will become my new go-to shopping fix place?


  1. great picks! looks like your shopping was succesful.


  2. Yes for a great shopping spree! You bought some really amazing items- my favorite has to be that blue Mango trench coat! I loove trench coats & I definitely love them in such beautiful pastel colors!!


  3. Wow!

    Very nice Post! Thanks!

    And you have very nice Pics!!!!

    I follow U , maybe U follow me back? ;o)

    Have a nice Day!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  4. Great clothes! My fave is jumper and white pants!

  5. Great purchases - I especially love the trench coat and the blazer! Such marvelous and classic pieces with a twist! You have a great eye!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. You did a great shopping, Carmen!!! The trench coat is amazing! I already said that :))) I agree with you about white jeans, it's so so difficult to find a good pair, I found one last year and I've searching for a new one with the cuts now, but I haven't succeeded yet, so glad you did!!!!! :))


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