Beauty Empties: April

Same procedure as every month: Let's have a look at the beauty products I used up and find out whether they are worth repurchasing or not. 

ALVERDE "Feuchtigkeitsshampoo" (shampoo with aloe vera and hibiscus)
I really try to buy natural cosmetics from time to time but I am always quite suspicious when it comes to shampoos because they often lack in ingredients that are responsible for the foaming. And if you have thick hair like me, no foam means no possibility to get your hair entirely clean. In fact this shampoo is said to be for dry and damaged hair but it stressed out my hair even more because it made it all entangled. It looks and feels like pure aloe vera gel which isn't ideal for a shampoo as I had to use three times the amount of product I would normally use. All in all I'm glad it was just a sample I got somewhere and obviously I'm not gonna repurchase it.

BALEA "Braun 1-Minute Intensivkur" (deep conditioner for brown hair)
As you might remember I loved to use Balea hair products when I lived back in Germany. Now that my ombré has almost grown out entirely, I could finally use this deep conditioner for brown hair. Unfortunately I didn't see it improve my hair colour even though the smell reminded me of hair dye. At least the product wasn't expensive and comes without silicones. 

Forever Living is a direct sales company and my mum used to sell their products. They work with aloe vera gel and have indeed some pretty nice stuff. This mask contains algae extract and cucumber and I remember that I really liked to use it. Unfortunately it expired and isn't good to use anymore. Well that happens when you're a beauty addict with more products than you can ever use up in time...

YVES ROCHER Pure System pore clearing mask
Another mask that needed to be used up is this pore clearing one. It made my skin look fresh and clean indeed. However I wasn't able to try it long term so I don't know if it does major changes to the skin. 

GARNIER Démaquillant Yeux Express 2in1 (waterproof eye makeup remover)
I have been sticking to Maybelline's Cils Demasq eye makeup remover for quite a while, but I think I found a new favourite. I know Garnier is currently trying to convince everybody, that their micellar water can also remove mascara, but it just isn't true. This product however does the job and I find it even better than the high end eye makeup removers I'm trying right now.

BIOEFFECT EGF Cellular Activating Serum
It's always nice to get samples of products you could never afford yourself. In this case I got 3ml of the hyped Bioeffect anti-aging serum. I applied 4 drops every evening and could use the serum for about one week. So if you buy it in "full" size that makes 139€ for 15ml and thus a good month of using it. Bargain! In fact the serum is said to reduce visible signs of ageing, add radiance, moisturise deeply, diminish dry spots and improve your complexion. What I could notice from all this during one week of using it, was indeed the radiance and luminosity of my face. After applying it I always looked like after a day in the Mediterranean sun. Apart from that I'm pretty convinced that after a longer time it could also do something against small wrinkles and as it's more like an oil, it's also good for dry spots. Still I'm not gonna buy it for one obvious reason: the price. 

BENEFIT They're Real! mascara
I really don't get why everybody is hyping Benefits mascaras. I mean they are not bad but they are expensive and definitely not better than Max Factor or L'Oréal mascaras. The They're Real definitely didn't provide the volume I had expected and funnily enough Benefit's Badgal Lash creates a better "fake-lash look" than the They're Real.


  1. Hey liebe Carmen!
    Also das Alverde-Shampoo finde ich auch nicht soooo gut, aber ich habe ein anderes tolles Shampoo für mich entdeckt. Du kannst auf meinem Blog alles darüber nachlesen. Es ist das Shampoo von Sante. Das ist ja auch eine Naturkosmetikmarke. Im Vergleich zu Alverde, und nach zwei Wochen Gebrauch, kann ich sagen, dass man zwar ein bisschen mehr Shampoo als sonst braucht, aber dass das Ergebnis einfach toll ist! Ich benutze aber auch immer die passende Spülung dazu. Naja jedenfalls sind meine Haare schön sauber, ganz leicht und unbeschwert und das Beste: Sie sind auch am zweiten Tag noch frisch! Normalerweise habe ich sie immer jeden Tag gewaschen, aber jetzt muss ich das gar nicht mehr. Ausprobieren lohnt sich. Aber kauf das mal bei DM oder so, bei Alnatura ist es teurer. Vielleicht bekommst du das ja auch in Luxemburg.

    Liebe Grüße

  2. hi dear,i love this garnier product


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