3 Things To Wear This Month

long culottes outfit combination

1. Culottes
Every year around this time, fashion editors try to tell us that culottes are the next big thing, while in fact they never really establish as a mainstream trend. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be and maybe they're the expression of a daring fashion elite. But what if finally this year we would all dare to get a pair and actually wear it, too? While most culottes have a three-quarter length, this pair above looks so classy that it should look good on about every woman. So long as you wear it with the right shoes...

pointed heels outfit

2. Pointed Heels
Have you ever wondered why the successful fashion bloggers look so damn good in their jeans and whenever you put yours on you feel so average? Let me tell you: The shoes make all the difference. With pointed heels you'll even look elegant in sweatpants so if you don't own a pair yet, it's time to get one now!

trench coat outfit

3. Trench Coat
Winter is about over and we've been blessed with the most sunny weather this weekend. A clear sign that it's time to bring out your favourite trench coat. Don't have one yet? You won't regret investing in a good one as it will look good with about any outfit, from little black dress to distressed jeans. Nowadays you can get trench coats in all shapes, styles and colours but I'd recommend investing in a classy one, inspired by the Burberry "originals", in light beige. 

For the ultimate stunner outfit in March why not wear all three pieces together?

(all pictures via WhoWhatWear)


  1. Beim Trench maachen ech mat, Culottes and High Heels sin awer definitiv naischt fir mech ;-) .

  2. Completely agree with every single item in this post! I am only missing the trench coat in my closet :)


  3. I love the culottes, but I'm not sure if they will suit me. Nice post by the way :)

  4. About the culottes, I don't dare to rock them and I don't think I will, because I don't feel it's my style, though sometimes it's good to try something totally different.. But pointed heels!!! Woohoo, I looove them, I don't wear them often, but having in my closet already makes me super happy :))

  5. i'm sooo in love with all 3 pieces as well!:) sadly i'm not brave enough to wear culottes though!


  6. Hunn mei google account extra fir dech refresht ;)

  7. No mid tops for me. But the trench coat will be out for this Spring a lot.

  8. A big yes for the trench, a maybe for pointy heels and a huge nono for culottes (at least for my closet). I don't think that they are a good match for small women, especially when they have broader hips - on fashionable slim figures they might look nice though!

  9. ech hun pointed heels esouuu gaeren:)! xxx

  10. The heels and the trenchcoat are classics; definitely worth investing in them!

  11. Ich finde Culottes grauenhaft, wenn sie nur 3/4 sind :D.. Bei den beiden anderen Trends kann ich dir voll und ganz zustimmen, besonders spitze Heels oder auch spitze Ballerinas finde ich klasse :)


  12. Schöne Inspirationen, die du rausgesucht hast!! :)


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