StellaSport: Workout Look Must Haves

Adidas StellaSport Stella Mc Cartney sportswear

On Thursday I went to a sporting-goods shop 'cause I was in desperate need of new sweat pants. When I had already chosen a pair I came across the most wonderful workout garments a girl could dream of. And yep, we're talking about the pink explosion above.
Normally I'm not into pink clothes at all but the mesh top and the colour combination of the bra and pants just caught my eye immediately. Unfortunately the store didn't have my bra size in stock and I didn't want the shirt without the matching bra so my wallet sighed with relief. Nevertheless the collection wouldn't go out of my mind so I did a little research on the StellaSport collection. In fact it's a collection that has been launched by Adidas at the beginning of the year in cooperation with Stella McCartney, who has been designing sportswear for Adidas for 10 years now. The bold pieces are aimed at a younger audience and perfectly combine workout comfort and sense of fashion. And the best part? This collection is so popular that you can buy it about anywhere: Internationally via Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Zalando or Luisa via Roma, in Germany via Karstadt or Otto and in Luxembourg at Asport. Oh and if pink is not quite your colour make sure to also check out the rest of the StellaSport collection!


  1. Wow the clothes are gorgeous! So great! I want them all :D

  2. Die Sachen sehen wirklich toll aus. Ich liebe es Sport zu treiben und ich finde es macht umso mehr Spaß, wenn man dann noch schöne Sachen trägt :)

    Liebe Grüße :)


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