Rockport: The Comfortable Pumps

You already saw them on my Instagram account and in my latest outfit post but now I'm finally gonna talk about these really special pumps. Why are they so special? Well because Rockport has done everything to make them as comfortable as possible. Curious?
So first of all what is Rockport? It's a US brand that has already been founded in 1971 and has since then made it its goal to create stylish shoes for both men and women by incorporating the comfort of sport shoe technology. While you can get sandals, flats or even boots at Rockport, I was of course most intrigued by trying their comfy heels so I chose the Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump with a nude lizard print. As you can see the shoes have an inner sole that looks like that of a running shoe or trainer, which makes the pumps incredibly soft thanks to the extra cushions in the ball of the foot and heel area.

But not just the inside but also the outside reminds of a training shoe as the outsole is made from the same material and will thus never look worn out. Win-win! As you can see the little orange sign says ADIPRENE, which is in fact a technology developed by Adidas and helps provide shock absorbing. So on the inside the pumps provide comfortable cushioning and the ABS heels are made to damp your steps, all to make walking in heels easier and more agreeable. The total motion concept furthermore ensures moving freedom and flexibility and the outer material is so soft that you won't suffer from any blisters. 

The heel is 7,5 cm which is enough to give you the high heel feeling, but not too much to prevent you from going down the stairs elegantly. The pointed toe is of course super chic and as trendy as ever. While I chose the matte nude colour, you also get this pair in various metallic and shiny shades. 
And now the information you've probably all been waiting for: Are they really as comfortable as they promise to be? I can say: yes! I am really not used to walk in heels and everything above 5cm will cause me terrible pain in all possible areas of my feet. When I first wore the Rockport pumps I was glad to be able to pull them off after two hours, but already the second time I wore them for 4 hours and didn't have any pain as soon as I took them off. They fit perfectly in my regular size, so no slipping which also means no blisters. Also walking in them is really easy and I managed to look elegant in them quite quickly: No balance problems and no awkward limping.
However even these pumps still have heels after all, which doesn't make them ballet flats. Of course you won't be able to wear them all day long and of course sneakers will always be more comfortable, but at least they won't make you wish somebody would cut off your feet to release you from the pain. Another thing that might be a bit disturbing if you don't have delicate Cinderella feet, is the point of these pumps, which might squeeze your little toe or press on your big toe. But I guess with these comfy soles, everything else is just luxury problems. So am I recommending Rockport heels? Definitely yes! No matter if you're a heel beginner or a pro, these will be more comfortable than most other pumps you can find and their classy design makes them the perfect shoes for almost every occasion (see how I combined them in my latest outfit post). They might be a bit more expensive, but at least you'll know you have a high quality pair of shoes that won't make walking a persisting pain.
Where to get them? If you're from the US or Canada you can order them online, in Belgium they are being sold at Maniet stores and in Luxembourg you can buy yours at RV Chaussures. For all other countries check the store locator.
(Disclaimer: This pair of Total Motion Pointed Toe Pumps has kindly been sponsored by Rockport.)


  1. A beautiful pair! And if they're comfortable, even better!

  2. That pumps looks wow.

  3. I love heels, not only because I'm petite. Those look great, and if they are comfy I should definitely give them a try!

  4. Cute shoes :) M&MFASHIONBITES mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr
    Maria V.


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