Monoprix Wish List

Monoprix mode fashion printemps été vêtements

blue pants - 34,99€, striped sweater - 29,99€, metallic shoes - 39,99€, coat - 89,99€, striped bag - 29,99€

I think I've been mentioning Monoprix more than once on my blog and social media channels but in case you missed out on my rave: It's a French supermarket wich I first entered in Paris and which has since then always reminded me of that lovely city. However Monoprix is much more than a regular supermarket because it also has a huge range of fashion and amazing French cosmetics. So imagine how lucky I was when I won a 35€ Monoprix voucher lately. I already went to our local store to check out the clothing range and I highly fell in love with the blue coat above! Unfortunately they didn't have my size anymore so I will check back today to get myself one of these other amazing pieces. Which one is your favourite?

Monoprix mode fashion printemps été vêtements

blue dress - 44,99€, sunglasses - 24,99€, sailboat pants - 39,99€, pleated skirt - 39,99€, scarf - 24,99€

Monoprix mode fashion printemps été vêtements

dress - 34,99€, map purse - 14,99€, striped coat - 89,99€, belt - 17,99€, lobster pants - 34,99€, tassel loafers - 59,99€


  1. hi Carmen,nice wish list...i like the last outfit

  2. Awesome picks!

  3. mmm I cannot even choose which is my favorite! all are so lovely. :)



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