How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

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Just because I think that Instagram is just for pictures taken with a phone doesn't mean the pics can't get a good editing. Also on the phone of course. And no, I'm not gonna talk about VSCO Cam 'cause I'm probably the only blogger who doesn't like to use it. However only relying on the Instagram filters isn't a good idea either because most of them are just over the top. So here we go with my favourite and easy-to use editing apps:

1. PIXLR Express

This app is great to do the initial adjustments like cropping, rotating or sharpening a picture. Especially the cropping function is pretty nice as you can choose between several dimensions (like square for your Insta pics). It also has this amazing whitening function which I love to use when my background turned out a bit too dark but I don't want to lighten the whole picture. It also has a pretty good "Auto Fix" function for the lazy Instagrammers or when you don't have much time to do big editing. Unfortunately the effects and filters are pretty nuts which is why I next use:

2. PS Express

It's the app of Photoshop and why would you rely on anything else if you can get Photoshop for free for your phone? It has about the same functions as PIXLR Express but they're slightly more complicated to use. Therefor it has this filter which I absolutely adore. It's called "Spring" and dips everything in a bright and clean light. 

3. iPhone Photos and Instagram

If you don't want to download any further editing apps you can just as well work with iPhones editing functions. Especially the auto fix (magic wand that appears top right when you select edit on a picture in your folder) does a good job. Furthermore you don't just have the filters in Instagram but also editing possibilities like brightness, contrast or saturation. These are the three I use on almost every picture as well, usually adjusting them by around 20%. 


  1. I use Afterlight which is a fab app! Always use it to spruce up my photos before putting them on Instagram. I use Pixlr on my mac so I might look into getting the app too! x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  2. Great tips! I usually just take a photo and use Pixlr to edit my photos! I've never used the app though :P Thank you for suggesting it though! :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration


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